Troubador The Devil takes a Holiday

Released: 28/03/2020

ISBN: 9781838593049

eISBN: 9781838598433

Format: Paperback/eBook

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The Devil takes a Holiday


I’m bored! How is it possible that I, the ruler of the underground, me - Satan - the Devil aka - Prince of Darkness, is bored? I’ll tell you why…. Mistdreamers and their meddling! Yet again, they defeated my demons in battle. 

How is this possible? Three young women against my demons - it is unbelievable and more importantly, unforgivable. Someone will pay for this and as the demon prince Lucias has gone into hiding, my next target will be my friend Flauros.

He will explain this catastrophe and if he cannot, then there is a special place in hell waiting for him! The Devil takes a holiday after he hears the abomination that was the Mistdreaming war and decides he has to go to earth to correct the wrongs done to his demons.

His vacation will begin in Glencoe, where the battle began in 1692, he will meet with the Laird of the McDonalds…. Best laid plans always go awry and as he plans his vacation, the archangels Omniel and Ambriel decide to make his journey a very different one.

The Devil takes a Holiday will travel to the Isle of Mull and Castle Moy, the Devil will venture to Glencoe and experience Edinburgh’s Festival. It introduces the reader to the children of Mistdreamers from The Park Family trilogy, together with revisiting old friends from these books.

The reader will welcome Mermaids and Fae, as well as the Dragon. A book that includes a recipe of evil, manipulation, betrayal and magic all mixed together to make the first Novella a must read addition to any library.

Cathedral City
Lisanne's first book was a dedication to her parents and their lives in Edinburgh during the 1940's.

A coming of age story about a young girl, Charlie.

Crossing Over
A psychic murder mystery, set in Edinburgh that crosses the boundaries of time, crossing over into Heaven but bringing Hell to earth.

The Park Family Trilogy
A series of books, the first of which, is a dedication to my three nieces, Lauren, Valerie and Mairi.
A trilogy introducing the reader to a family of Mistdreamers. Humans who cross between realms aiding Angels in their fight to protect worlds and prevent the ultimate war.
Lauren - The Awakening
Valerie - The Teacher
Mairi - Retribution

The Infidelibus
Three novellas introducing the reader to the main otherworldly characters from The Park Family. These novellas give an insight into what happened before mistdreamers, humans and earth.

The Lost Angels
A trilogy that reintroduces us to three Fallen Angels, sworn to protect Mistdreamers, and who now find themselves in a very unusual circumstance.

The Shona Paterson Files
The first novel about a woman with a gift, who helps the police in solving mysteries.

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Lisanne Valente

Lisanne is an Edinburgh born author, she is of Scottish descent but her ancestry also includes Italian, German and Irish

She grew up in Edinburgh, within a close knit family which included, her parents, brothers, Mark, Harry and sister Morag. She includes all of them and their children in many of her books.

Friends, family and some neighbours from her childhood days will also find their names appearing at one point in her books. It is Lisanne's way of thanking them.

She is married to Paul, her best friend and her rock whom she met at Primary school, and they have three grown up sons and a wonderful daughter in heart.

Lisanne loves to travel and has seen many countries in Europe. She has visited several states in the US including Alaska, Florida, New York, California, Mississippi, Arizona and Nevada and she looks forward to spending more time visiting the other 43 states. She hopes, one day, to visit Australia and New Zealand, hopefully sooner rather than later!

Her love of reading and writing was instilled in her at a young age and both her parents and sister encouraged her vivid imagination.

Her family are the force encouraging and supporting her to continue writing.

In 2019 she was invited to attend Comic-Con San Diego, an achievement she had sought for a few years. Her new novella The Devil Takes a Holiday, was published in 2019 and is currently in the process of becoming a graphic novel. Original works of art, from the graphic novel, were going to feature in the show. Sadly, the world and a virus put her attending on hold until 2021. Her second novella To Ride a Cock-horse will be published in the new year.

The Year that never was

I was there .... almost!
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