Troubador The Clockmaker

Released: 28/05/2018

ISBN: 9781788034586

eISBN: 9781789011081

Format: Paperback/eBook

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The Clockmaker


The Clockmaker waits for you... 

A gripping supernatural novel set in post-blitz Scotland, the first of a planned trilogy.

No man in this world may boast of his might, he is awake in the morning and dead at night.

Widowed in World War 2, Annette and her young son face a completely different life as they exchange the devastation of post-blitz London for the slow pace of a small village. The house they have inherited is old, its bones still settling, creaking noises in the dead of night and the murmur of scritch-scritch in the walls. Located outside the village of Lochnagar, it’s been empty for many years – and for good reason.

The unfolding of how the Clockmaker made his plans, his meticulous preparations and macabre creations, all builds up to a series of gruesome, horrific murders. These have just one end in view: his release from that which has held him captive for centuries.

A chilling supernatural novel with characters you’ll come to care for, The Clockmaker will interest anyone who fears the dark – and what might lie in the shadows...

Wow. Words cannot begin to describe just how good this book is. I was grabbed within the first couple of pages and was not let go until I finished the whole book. Thankfully, I don't need to get up early in the morning!
I found the book to be extremely well written and the beginning of a fantastic trilogy. I certainly can't wait until the next installment.
That to Netgalley and the publishers, Troubador Publishing Limited for the opportunity to read this amazing novel and a huge thankyou to Drew Neary and Ceri William's for writing such a captivating story.

by Sue Blanchard

Received "The Clockmaker" as part of an eARC a few days ago and thoroughly enjoyed reading it. This book is a fabulous mix of many genres as the story has so many things going on. There's a bit of magic/supernatural, there's some sci-fi elements, history; we could even call it a thriller/ horror fiction. The story is about a little child, Duncan and his mother, Annette, who are moving to his father's ancestral place in Scotland, where they plan to start a lodging service. Duncan's father died in WW2 and the story is interspersed with soft, loving memories of the man. On their way to Scotland they meet a man whom they later find in their own village as a guest in their lodge. Who is this mystery man and does he have any role in the many strange things happening in this little Scottish village? The answer to these questions is what this book is about.

The book is a complete page turner and you won't be able to keep it down, once you have picked it up. The story flows beautifully from one view point into another. While there defnitely are some loops left opened at the end of the story, I believe the closure to these would be attained in the sequel (really looking forward to it!). Overall, a great read!

by Almas Shamim

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