Troubador Kingdom

Released: 28/10/2021

ISBN: 9781800464704

eISBN: 9781800466784

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Kingdom is searching. 

Margaret, stuck in a loveless marriage with her son as her only solace, enters Kingdom’s magical realm through a picture on the wall. Unbeknown to Margaret she has just taken the first steps that will see her try and become Kingdom’s saviour.

Hiding in its mirror, the Darkness has been waiting, building its strength, raising its army. Now, inside a new host it is determined this time it will succeed.

Upon entering Kingdom she meets many varied magicals and soon becomes aware that dark magic is on the rise. Thoughts of returning home invade her mind as she comes to realise this is not quite the place she expected it to be…

Watching her son being tortured is all too much to bear for Margaret and something deep and dark inside her is awoken as she and Kingdom’s magicals battle to save the realm from the rise of the Darkness and its dark mistress.

Can all be saved?

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Susan Pennock

I was born and brought up in London before moving to Suffolk. I love books and always make sure to have plenty in the house. On any visit to our library I am like a child in a sweet shop and often come away with ten or more. An avid reader from the age of four, my go to books are always the largest on the shelf regardless of genre.

Over the years thoughts of writing a novel would often take hold, when out running story plots would swirl inside my head. Returning home I would note them down, before convincing myself that I didn't have the time and so into the shredder they would go.

When I retired, I was asked the age old question, what are you going to do now? I remember replying flippantly, write a book of course. I took up crafting instead and sold handmade bags and decorations at Craft Fairs. I then turned my attention to my family history and got totally lost in the past. Spending so many hours researching, finally gave me the impetus to start writing. I found the process a joy and a puzzle, my characters often seeming to take charge, the notes I had written, ignored.

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