Troubador Grand Vizier of Krar: Strings of Destiny

Released: 28/09/2016

ISBN: 9781784624026

eISBN: 9781784625887

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Grand Vizier of Krar: Strings of Destiny


The Grand Vizier of Krar series by W. John Tucker is an epic romance set in a future time. Chivalric adventure mingles with science fiction. The free world is being overrun and a young woman is propelled into the midst of war and politics.

Blancapaw ('Blan' to friends and family) has no ambition to become a power in the world, but she is forced to react to events beyond her control. She must find ways of coping with those events and then to take control of them. She is not without resources. She has a brilliant mind and a talent for invention and problem solving. She has compassion and a strong ethical code. Moreover, she has a destiny preordained.

'Grand Vizier of Krar: Strings of Destiny' is the first book in the series. It records how Blan, a village girl fascinated by scientific enquiry, discovers the Occidental Communicor, a powerful underground installation created by extraterrestrial visitors and part of a legacy that will greatly impact her future. Very soon, she is abducted by pirates and taken across the Great Sea to Slave Island. She manages to get away from the pirates, but treachery places her in the hands of Black Knight, the huge and terrifying enemy leader. Unexpected events and a strange power enable her to escape and to rescue the exiled grand vizier, a very ancient and learned man. But Blan soon finds herself in the midst of war where she must use her brilliant mind and knowledge of science to challenge the might of the enemy force as it strikes at Proequa, a key member of the Free Alliance...

The story continues in the second book, 'Grand Vizier of Krar: Fulcrum of Power'. Additional resources, including maps and stories, will be made available at the website.

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This is the most enjoyable book I have read for a long while. The story is gripping and it is very well written so it was very easy to read too. I am really looking forward to the next volume.

by Tre Chet

W. John  Tucker

Author of the Grand Vizier of Krar series of epic science fiction novels: Strings of Destiny, Fulcrum of Power and Balance of Doubt.

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