Troubador DestinyQuest: The World Companion

Released: 28/08/2022

ISBN: 9781803134819

Format: Hardback

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DestinyQuest: The World Companion


Discover the war-ravaged lands of Dormus, the exciting world setting for the international bestselling gamebook series, DestinyQuest.

Dormus is a world riven with strife and conflict, it’s very fabric of reality under threat from otherworldly forces and cataclysmic events. These are dark and perilous days, where fractious tensions threaten to bring down kingdoms and empires, and demonic invaders sow seeds of chaos to hasten the fall of humanity.

This is a time when great heroes will rise – legendary men and women of fame, who will spin the web of destiny anew, changing lives and history, influencing kings and nations, and becoming beacons of hope amidst a desperate world teetering on the brink of ruin.

Inside this beautifully illustrated hardback volume you will find:

• A detailed history of the world, from its creation by the celestial Fates, to the current End Days of crumbling empires and war-weary kingdoms.
• A comprehensive timeline that charts the key events that have shaped the world of Dormus, right up to the present – interlinking with the narratives of the gamebook series.
• An overview of the magic system, detailing the chaotic forces of the Shroud and the effects of its demonic taint, as well as the runic magic of the dwarves and the dangerous arts of channelling elemental forces.
• Exciting character stories and biographies, exploring some of the key heroes (and villains) who have influenced the DestinyQuest world, including the legendary witchfinder, Eldias Falks, and the enigmatic archmage, Avian Dale.
• Detailed summaries of the main factions that vie for power and influence within the kingdom of Valeron, from the secretive enclaves of the Arcane Hand to the scheming masters of shadow, the Nevarin.

Whether you are a fan of the DestinyQuest series or a gamemaster looking for a new and immersive setting for your homebrew roleplaying campaigns, the World Companion delivers a wealth of exciting secrets and discoveries – everything you need to arm yourselves for epic adventures ahead.

So, are you ready to embrace your destiny?

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