Troubador The Englishman Who Wanted to Clean France

Released: 16/11/2020

eISBN: 9781800468245

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The Englishman Who Wanted to Clean France

L'Escargot Anglais


In 2017, Edmund Platt aka The English Snail embarked on an 8,000 km hitchhike around France to pick up the trash that 1 in 3 French people chuck from their cars every day. Hellbent on making some noise about the disastrous littering problem, the plastic suffocating our oceans and our broken consumer society, Eddie's message is honest, ultra-powerful, and full of home truths. Highly anticipated by the media and fans alike, his first book details the nitty-gritty life on the road in the land of frog’s legs and garlic breath. With nothing but a backpack, litter-picker and healthy thirst for beer, his three-month journey will change the way you look at life and maybe even your priorities. Time isn't money, it's much more ****ing valuable than that! This book is a human rollercoaster adventure laced with twists and turns that anyone can relate to. Rich in spontaneity, amusing and eye-opening, The Englishman Who Wanted to Clean France is the ultimate slap in the face and kick-start we could all use during these contagious times.

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Edmund Platt and Natacha Neveu 

Edmund Platt, aka L'Escargot Anglais - the English Snail, loves looking after his environment. Ex European sales manager and English teacher, in 2015 he founded the litter-picking association 1 Piece of Rubbish - 1 Dechet Par Jour after suffering first-hand from the global plastic pollution pandemic. Like many others, he refuses to be labelled as an ecologist, simply preferring to lead by example in the hope of a cleaner, healthier tomorrow.

Natacha Neveu, aka thesortinghouse, is a freelance writer who is equally concerned about the wellbeing of the planet and its inhabitants. She likes to help others reclaim their power and discover their capacity to make beneficial changes to their environment.

Edmund Platt

Natacha Neveu
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