Troubador Rock Doctor

Released: 28/03/2021

ISBN: 9781800462328

eISBN: 9781800466425

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Rock Doctor

Adventures of a Field Geologist before 9/11


This is the tale of fifteen humorous, heart-breaking years, of the journey of a lifetime, from Tibetan India to the Anti-Lebanon Mountains of Syria.

A tale of oil exploration, with love, humility and the companionship of some of the world’s hardiest nomads discovered along the way. It is the story of some pioneering and sometimes misguided journeys through the amazing world of the Middle East and Indo-Pakistan, before the political upheavals of the 21st Century.

A world where it was still possible to play a drum solo in a Sufi temple, share a goat with Pathan tribesmen, guide a helicopter down on a Turkish threshing ground, eat sheep’s brains at 16,000 feet and crawl though Roman sewers on the abandoned edge of an apocalyptic war.

The crying shame is that nearly all of this story is no longer possible. Above all this is a true story, to remind people of what can be, even if we can never rebuild what was.

Completed the book and re-scanned the photos in June 2020. Then had hard copies printed through Troubador, so as to send copies to reviewers at the Geological Society and PESGB. The book was well received liked and it seems worthwhile so I asked Troubador to publish it as an e-book for general sale, promoted via Matador. I also have hard copies (POD) to give to my kids and a select few mates. The main thing is to make the book available to interested parties but not to push it too hard; so I will use hashtags in Instagram as a simple marketing strategy to find anybody interested in Earth Science field work, travel across the Middle East and adventure travel. I do not anticipate high volumes of sales and in any case profits would be taxed, so there is no real chance of making serious money from this, nor do I want 'fame', which is just the price of 'fortune' anyway!

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John Cater

John Cater has been a professional geologist since 1984, wandering dusty corners of the globe looking at rocks. Having survived aortic valve replacement in 2019 he decided to publish the tale of those years, mainly for the people he has yet to meet in the Green Dragon.

Explaining gravity flows in Norway last year

Another jaw-dropping outcrop, near Sandnes, Norway
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