Troubador UMTATA

Released: 28/11/2019

ISBN: 9781838591403

eISBN: 9781838596873

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Barney is a trained assassin who has absconded from his life to seek peace and fulfilment elsewhere. He establishes a new identity and travels as far away and as quickly as possible, hiding away in a small southern African town. He is aware that he is now a fugitive tracked by the authorities and those that will kill him in an instant if they find him.

Barney’s life takes a turn when he meets Naomi, a distressed and lonely mother separated from her children, not knowing if they are alive or dead. He soon immerses himself in her task and tries to help her find them, but as time passes they realise the immensity of the situation and they soon become disillusioned, fearing the worse.

Destiny takes a hand when they unexpectedly find the lead they have been looking for. But as a consequence Barney is exposed to the world and his next decision will rely on his morals.

'The Compassionate Terrorist released 25th October 2016.
Book launch to be advised during the next week.
Further work is a sequel to the above and a new book
'A Step beyond the sun' expected to be released in the newYear.

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Brian Godfrey

Born in East Hertfordshire but spent his boyhood days in County Down NI

Played Football and boxed at senior level achieving county representation at both sports.

Served an engineering apprenticeship and later joined the Merchant Navy as an engineer, before starting onshore as s test engineer working with Nuclear submarines.

Worked extensively overseas for many years in the Oil & Gas business, and is now retired and lives with his wife pat in Hertfordshire near to where he was born.

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