Troubador The Ocean Dove

Released: 28/06/2020

ISBN: 9781838594008

Format: Paperback

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The Ocean Dove


A terrorist controlled ship is heading for an iconic city. Tens of thousands will die if the security services fail.

Tracking data confirms a deadly cargo has sunk to the bottom of the Indian ocean. Only one man doubts it. But Dan Brooks is new to the security services and his face doesn’t fit. As he closes in on the truth, a traitor needs him out of way, permanently, and his ambitious bosses cut him adrift and cover the tracks of their private agendas. Isolated and risking all, Dan pursues his case clandestinely, hunting sophisticated terrorists who know how to slip under the radar and are intent on devastating a globally iconic city.

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Carlos Luxul

Living and working across the world in global logistics has provided a fascinating overview of geopolitics - who trades with whom, who has what, who needs what, who does what, and what drives it all. Everything has a profound effect: wars, politics, terror and security issues, piracy, freak weather, crop failure, and upheaval and strife of every colour. Experience of how the world ticks has helped me develop the plot of The Ocean Dove.

Along the way I've met presidents and ministers, war criminals and cannibals, scrambled a country's navy and air force, and done business with the Bin Ladens - the entirely respectable multi-billion Saudi BinLaden Group, not the founder's wayward seventeenth son ...

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