Troubador The McTavish Regressions Arabesque

Released: 28/03/2020

ISBN: 9781838593407

eISBN: 9781838598075

Format: Paperback/eBook

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The McTavish Regressions Arabesque


To the casual onlooker, Dr. Wallace McTavish leads a simple life, but appearances can be deceiving. A successful psychologist, McTavish’s Brooklyn home also doubles as an office in which he conducts his past-life regression therapy, investigating crimes and passions in people’s previous lives.

Twenty-four-year-old Laura Tsvetkovsky is a victim of such passion. Born without the use of her legs, she dreams of becoming a dancer. Now she relies on pills and strange trance-like dreams to dull the pain of existing in the present, coping with her sycophantic mother and struggling family. But when she meets Dr McTavish, new possibilities offer her a painful glimmer of hope.

Embarking together on a journey through time to her past life in 1592 Catalan, Laura’s eyes are opened to a new world with endless potential and a compelling man who looks at her with his heart in his eyes. But with the terror of the Spanish Inquisition closing in, she and McTavish must work together to learn what they came to discover to ensure Laura’s story meets a happy ending.

"My understanding is that dreams are about fifteen percent reality and eighty-five percent construct, and that regressions are the exact reverse, that is, eighty-five percent reality and fifteen percent construct."

"Sometimes what you dream about is a past-life memory fragment and not a Freudian symbol or metaphor or distortion. In waking life perhaps you're traveling in a foreign country or city. You've never traveled there before but you know your way! We could call it déjà vu, but it's more than likely a past-life memory."

The McTavish Regressions explores how one's past lives may influence their current reality. It is not the first book I've read on the topic, so I have already spent some time in fascination of past lives, karma, and deja vu.

Dr. McTavish believes that, through regression therapy, one can learn about the events of their past lives, which in turn will help them unravel the mysteries of why they are who they are today. Dr. Buret is a criminologist wanting to explore the idea of criminal profiling through regression therapy as a means to understand why criminals do what they do and what events in their life or past lives led them to become the person they are today, and that perhaps by unlocking this they can understand themselves better and turn their lives around.

I imagine that they will work together more, but this first book, short as it was, merely laid the groundwork for more to come. The two doctors are credited as the authors for the book and the forward of sorts is written as though it is an actual presentation of medical findings, yet written in story form. So it is an interesting way of presenting a work of fiction.

We are introduced to Laura, a young woman whose desire is to dance despite the fact that she was born without the use of her legs. She struggles with this and, out of desperation, decides to see a therapist, thus meeting Dr. McTavish.

We get to experience one regression session in which we explore Laura's past life in 16th century Catalan. Oddly enough, when Laura was experiencing her regression as something so real for her, that was when I became really immersed into the story, as if I was also there myself. Perhaps that was the author's true goal...

The story ends a bit abruptly at the end of their session, at which point Laura wanted to learn more, as do I.

This was a quick afternoon read, and a bit of a stray from my usual genres. I can't wait for the next instalment, and I look forward to learning more about the events that led to Laura's current situation and also the interactions between Dr. McTavish and Dr. Buret and what their collaboration will uncover.

by Rachelle

Whoa... I must admit that this read nothing like I expected. At. All.

The McTavish Regressions - the blurb, leads the reader to believe you'll get some romantically enhanced time travel story. What it actually brings you, and I'm sorry to say I waited this long to read it, is a deep investment in in the past and the future. What we can relive from our pasts as a way to cope with our present. That an actual past might exist is profound and almost innocent in belief.

The first quarter of the book was a bit heavy with a lot of scientific terms that meant nothing to me. But as Dr. McTavish opens his case files to Dr. Buret we find out selves willing travelers through many past lives. Each tragic and independently interesting.

Add to both Dr's and their plans for what they can learn off each other you have Laura who I can't decide how I feel about except she is capable of real emotions beyond desire to walk again.

Im interested (and invested) enough to find out with a second book.

by Megan

This was a really good mystery novel, the characters were great and I really enjoyed reading this. It keeps you invested from start to finish and I'm glad I was able to read it.

by NetGalley review

McTavish is a past lives regression therapist and this book he reminisces on meeting his professional partner Vivi. There is another story intertwined as well, of a patient he starts seeing around the same time as meeting Vivi.
The story is told in McTavish's and Laura (the patient's) voice. Alternating as needed between chapters.

It was an interesting story and I finished it in one evening. This is my only complaint - it's too short, I wanted to learn a lot more about McTavish and Vivi's work and also how Laura would learn and grow in her life.

by NetGalley review

Layova AC (Art Collaborative)

LAYOVA Art Collaborative (AC) leaves its personal identity aside, choosing instead to focus on and emphasise love, jealousy, family, freedom, inclusivity, and - above all virtue and sin - the fragility of the human psyche.

LAYOVA's passions are translated through The McTavish Regressions' characters, living and re-living their stories, giving readers a poignant and universal look into healing and belonging.

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