Troubador The Genie of Londonistan

Released: 01/11/2013

ISBN: 9781783060832

Format: Paperback

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The Genie of Londonistan

The nightmare has begun


The mid-21st century: Britain is beset by Islamic extremism and runaway global warming. The streets are bloody.

Eight year old Florri has been accidentally shot in a drive-by shooting - or "act of devotion" in the new "polite-speak" - and is fading fast.

50-something Ray, a disillusioned local government worker and part time musician, is killed in a bomb blast.

The technology now exists to transfer his mind into Florri, while hers undergoes repair. Something goes wrong. Ray reawakens prematurely, set on musical stardom.

But there is a fatwa on Ray’s head and the jihadists are closing in…

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Jack Polden

John Arnold

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