Troubador The Circle-A Killings

Released: 28/06/2020

ISBN: 9781838593827

eISBN: 9781838598457

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The Circle-A Killings


Returning from Moscow, Lorenzo Rossi finds himself forced to quit his job as head of the Vatican police. And to make matters worse, his fiancée, CIA Agent Cathy Doherty, calls off their wedding. Just as Rossi is settling into his new life as a visiting academic at Cambridge University, the CIA persuades him to rejoin Cathy in catching the killer of three American billionaires. Barely on speaking terms, the two devise a plan to befriend the CIA’s main suspect.

As they get closer to the suspect and his coterie of friends, Rossi and Cathy realise that they’re being played for fools. But why? Everything points to an international conspiracy. As friends and foes drop dead around them, they arrive at the truth. But to prove it they need to set a trap. A trap that turns them from hunter to prey. Will they survive to tell their tale?  

Praise for The Concordat: 
‘A great crime story... that whisks the reader away.’–
‘An enjoyable, fast-moving, suspenseful story.’ – Mystery People 
‘[Heary] brings a sense of excitement and authenticity to his writing that pulls the readers along for the ride.’ – Good Reading Magazine

Coming soon: ‘From a Position of Strength’ is another fast-paced, intelligent conspiracy tale from the author of ‘The Concordat’ and ‘The Circle-A Killings’.

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Love Reading

I have never read this author before or the book before this one. This did not matter for I was taken in by the subject matter from the very beginning. It opens with a killing that really sets up the book. What you don’t know is who or why is behind the killings. Rossi is asked to join the team to investigate the killings for they believe the organization could be started at the college he is now teaching in England. Of course, there is something from a previous book because I believe he takes the job because it will help him get his mind off of his love Cathy who called off their marriage.
Well not to be for Cathy arrives in London and together they work together solving who is behind the killings which end up taking them to the U.S. Reading this fast-paced story with many twists and turns I also began to wonder are they going to be together this time or is Rossi going to be once again left wondering what happened. Read this fast-paced and very good story to see what happens.

by NetGalley review

Some sequels pick up exactly where the previous book left of. Generally speaking, the one’s I’ve read tend to have a bit of a gap. Sean’s created a little bit of a gap, but not much in the grand scheme of things. Yet emotionally, we’re way past where we left The Concordat.

The thing that intrigued me the most about this story was the motivation behind them. In The Concordat, it felt very religious. Looking back, I realise it’s more political than religious so I’m not sure how I missed that. Or maybe I forgot?

Either way, this suspense is stemmed from someone’s wealth. The richer you are, the more likely you are to die. O! And that’s the other thing! This is about a serial killer not a single object!

I think at the end of every chapter I had a suspect in mind. At several points I was partially correct in my theory for the who, why and how. Yet I never nailed it. Sean’s writing sucks you in, gives you all the clues you need (in hindsight I can see this) and yet doesn’t give you quite enough to figure it out.

The information you have to make your theories is exactly what Lorenzo and Cathy have. In several spots I had a brainwave SECONDS before I read one of the characters having the same brainwave. It keeps you involved without ever being obvious which is amazing!

by NetGalley review

This looks like a great mystery. Centered in London, a sniper is seemingly going down the list of richest billionaires and picking them off one by one creating a frenzy.
Lorenzo Rossi, (Newly of the Vatican police and Inspector General) is being tapped to set aside his classes and is brought in to assist with the investigation.
The sample I had to read was just enough to whet my literary appetite. Looks to be a great book and one I want to complete.

by Dona

The world’s richest people are being systematically murdered, and an anarchist movement may—or may not—be to blame. Returning from Moscow, Lorenzo Rossi finds himself forced to quit his job as head of the Vatican police and finds himself involved.
I was hoping to like this book as the subject matter was appealing and relevant to the political/quasi revolutionary climate we find ourselves in these days.
Problem is, in my youth I read a lot of books featuring larger than life, egotistical types of the James Bond ilk. When I got into the REAL working world these were people that I came to abhor. Lorenzo Rossi falls pretty much in that category in my mind. Don’t blame the author- it’s all on me for this review.

by NetGalley review

Lorenzo Rossi makes a great protagonist for this exciting novel involving a plot to...well, to...hmm. I guess there is a plot to take down by assassination men who would get in the way of a united Europe, or men who otherwise impede the plans of the United States president. For most of the novel, the plot is the mystery. But, I liked it. I liked the characters, feeling especially sorry for Natasha. Rossi's interest in the female backside was a bit much and unnecessary to the story. But it's a good read. I recommend it.

by NetGalley review

Unique premise and well-drawn characters, with plenty of "left turns" along the way to keep the reader intrigued. I thoroughly enjoyed the book, and would recommend it to all readers searching for top-rate writing. Perfect summer read!

by NetGalley review

This is a story with relentless wrongdoing thrills in an ethos of connivance, worldwide legislative issues and reconnaissance. Rossi and Cathy first showed up in 'The Concordat', however on the off chance that you acknowledge they have history, this peruses well as an independent.

The plot is multilayered, and it keeps you speculating. It deals with numerous levels, wrongdoing examination, political interest and the noir exercises of the knowledge administrations. Observing the executioner is difficult to do.

Rossi and Cathy add an enthusiastic side to the story. They have a sentimental history, and this shows in their cooperations. The dynamic between them is captivating. The story has an addictive quality with activity, kinship, trick and brutality.

by NetGalley review

Another chilling thriller part two in the series.A strong protagonist a group of characters that come alive some returning from first book.A series to follow

by NetGalley review

This story opens with a killing that lays the groundwork for the whole book and makes the reader wonder who and why they took place. Three American billionaires are killed and Rossi and Cathy must work together after their failed relationship, to solve the reason behind the killings. A great combination of of political intrigue, conspiracy and suspense in what I would classify as a Noir Thriller.

by NetGalley review

Sean Heary

Sean travelled the world for thirty years as a mining company executive, living for many years only a stone’s throw from the Kremlin. No wonder he likes to write political thrillers. He also worked for several years in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, where he picked up a taste for Central Asian cuisine and met his wife. Born and raised in Australia, Sean now makes Germany his home.

Sean's action packed, page-turning debut novel, The Concordat, was published in July 2018.

The sequel, The Circle-A Killings, is a timely novel that comments on a world in political crisis using the framework of a noir spy thrillers in a fresh and unique way. The scheduled publication date is 28 June 2020.

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