Troubador The Chanteuse From Cape Town

Released: 04/09/2020

eISBN: 9781800467507

Format: eBook

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The Chanteuse From Cape Town

A Sol Nemo Mystery


How far would you go to take revenge?

When Sol Nemo, a rich but mentally-troubled private investigator, learns of the kidnap of the wife of the man who’s been like a father to him, he responds instinctively to the call for help. But, unfortunately, Sol’s bargained without the betrayal of his trust and the life-threatening consequences that follow.

So begins this intriguing tale of murder and revenge set against the backdrop of South Africa’s breathtaking landscapes and the vibrant cities of Cape Town and Port Elizabeth. Step by step, as the story unfolds, Sol has to confront a web of deceit and corruption with which he must wrestle; just as he must wrestle with the crippling anxiety that periodically overwhelms him. And, as if this wasn’t enough, Sol must also decide his response to his on-off lover’s recent overtures. Is her sudden rekindled interest no more than the lure of his vast inheritance or does she really wish to cement a long-term future together?

In short, there is much to savour in this compelling thriller with its unusual and vividly-described setting. Sol emerges as a protagonist with many of the weaknesses that afflict all of us but, in the final reckoning, he too must answer the question: How far will I go to take revenge?

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