Troubador Survival

Released: 28/09/2021

ISBN: 9781800462366

eISBN: 9781800469860

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Tamara is brought up in a dangerously unstable Baltic state. Her government parents are always pre-occupied with their attempts to save democracy and she no longer feels safe. In imminent danger, Tamara attempts to escape to Sweden with a friend, but is captured and sent to a safe house where she unexpectedly finds love. 

Catastrophic events put Tamara further in danger as she’s thrust into a labour camp with other students and staff. Bernadette, a young student teacher, meets Tamara on a coach following their arrest. Becoming friends, they strive to carve better lives for themselves.

Detty enlists a soldier from a neighbouring service regiment to help them plot their escape. Still in great danger, together they plan to fight the ghastly regime inspired by a few friends, their courage and music. 

Can they succeed and reach a tranquil life in a free country?

I am supporting the restoration of the The Renaissance of the Wagner Theatre in Riga and am investigating the possibility of translation/publication in German. This is an exciting possibility.

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Sixtus Beckmesser

Sixtus Beckmesser, a character from Wagner's Die Meistersinger, is the pen name of Richard France. He was, formerly, a GP and cognitive psychotherapist in Hampshire. He has researched, lectured and written books on cognitive behaviour therapy with his brilliant and long suffering co-worker, clinical psychologist, Meredith Robson. She also helps him get into Glyndebourne and sell wine. Since retirement, he has been travelling to music festivals with his speech and language therapist wife, Jennifer. He has a long-standing passion for Europe and its struggle towards unity.

Out of the festival season he lives in Hampshire and the Tuscan hills making wine, book binding and writing, whilst still finding time for music in Florence, Milan, London and Venice.

He has always been interested in how people manage to survive terrible circumstances and events. This has led to the five books of the Livonia series. The first two Walpurgis night and The Last Star Rising are combined in Survival.

He has an engineer son and a lawyer daughter who, in spite of his best efforts, don't share his passion for Wagner.

Tuscany -one source of inspiration
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