Troubador Silent Night

Released: 04/01/2010

ISBN: 9781848762404

Format: Paperback

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Silent Night


Christopher was resigned to the fact he would be dead by the morning. Did he deserve to die? What sort of stupid question was that? He would have given himself a slap for being so ridiculous if he could. He might just as well ask himself if he was a good father. He needed to think clearly and sensibly. He was scared – no, he was terrified and it was about time he owned up to that. He had to confront what frightened him most – and that was not death itself, but that promised state of creative, relentless, unforgiving pain that would make him beg to be dead and released from his agony.

He wished he had been able to give them what they wanted. It would have been so much easier, but that was not possible now. He mentally beat himself with thoughts of his own stupidity. He had always considered himself to be an intelligent man, he was rich, handsome and well-regarded but right now he really did not know what sort of man he was.

How could his decline have happened so spectacularly to the point that tomorrow his life would end? He had the night to think about it before they returned.

A Short Story called Sandra Dee: Click below to hear it. It was recorded on Felixstowe Radio on February 6th. This is the first of my 4 short stories I recorded.

I have had my article The Good the Bad and the Criminal printed in the San Franscisco Senital Internet Newspaper. I have been asked to forward my article "There are no Calories in Writing" for publication in a senior magazine in America.

I had been invited by Felixstowe Radio to record my short stories. The first one was aired on 6th February and Trevor, the Managing Director said the others will be aired on their writing and short story slot on Sundays at 6 p.m.

If you enjoy the link, please email Felixstowe Radio and tell them. Thank you.

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M.C. Dutton

I have always loved writing. When my children were young I wrote stories for their Nursery years. Later I wrote adult short stories. My first novel "The Devil's Tears" was such fun to write and I just couldnt wait to get home from work and write some more. "Silent Night" was wonderful to write to see the characters grow and develop.

Now I am totally addicted to writing and I have started my fourth novel. There is a joy in knowing you have more writing to come home to. I dont always know what is going to happen next in a story line. The characters have developed their own personality and go in the direction they want to and I just follow them. They have taken me to places I would never have thought of.

I write the type of books I enjoy reading. I want to grip you on the first page and keep you wanting to know more. I hope you are surprised by the endings and havent guessed what is going to happen.

I was married for 35 years, now divorced for many years with 3 children and 7 grandchildren. I have had some of the usual hurdles in life and some that are specific to my life. I have been tested and won!

I am involved with criminality in my paid job and in the evenings with my voluntary job.

Over the years I have met all kinds of people through working voluntarily with Samaritans, mentoring, YOT Referral Panels: They range from awesomely heroic to sad, mad and seriously bad. I believe anyone is capable of any act as long as they can justify it.

I am fascinated by people. If you talk long enough to someone you realise that no one necessarily sees life, love and the pursuit of happiness in quite the same way.

My books are character driven and the situations bring out their raison d'etre.

I have been asked to talk on American Radio regarding my experiences with youth criminality and gangs. I found that very interesting indeed and I believe I have quite an insight into why young people are attracted to joining gangs.

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