Troubador Secret Santa

Released: 05/12/2018

eISBN: 9781789019384

Format: eBook

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Secret Santa


It’s Christmas, and a stone thrown through his office window has left the Leader of the Council dead. No love is lost - after all, this is the man responsible for threatening the town's much needed community centre with closure. 

The police say it's murder.  

Oliver, a bank employee nearing retirement, meets Lily, a young woman passionate for social justice. When Lily’s homeless friend, Joey, is arrested for the Council Leader’s murder, Oliver resolves to act. 

Dressing up as Santa for the community centre’s Christmas party, Oliver stumbles across a clue that could be the key to solving the crime - but first, some important questions need to be answered. 

Why is a boorish MP hounding a young boy over a pair of women’s driving gloves? Why is a community centre worker pestering the MP’s wife for money? Not forgetting the racist Mrs Willow who definitely knows more than she’s letting on, and the elderly Mrs Eade who claims to know who’s responsible, but will never tell.  

What this town needs is a real Secret Santa, someone to redistribute wealth to those who need it most. Will the murder mystery be solved, and could the community centre finally be saved? 

Set in the years following the financial crash, this is a whodunit with a beating heart.

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