Troubador Rickie Raven's Dilemma

Released: 28/10/2020

ISBN: 9781800460065

eISBN: 9781800467330

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Rickie Raven's Dilemma

Which Murder Should He Solve First?


A young law graduate with a privileged background joins the police force to become a detective with the wholly altruistic desire to solve crime. His workmates on the lowest rung of CID see him as a threat to their jobs and their possible promotions and shun his presence. But before long he finds himself part of a murder investigation team and his ability to develop into a detective of outstanding ability becomes clear. 

The initial murder, together with a flashback of a death by misadventure some two years previously, lead to another murder and the uncovering of a police corruption ring of money laundering, tax swindles and the trading of contraband including drugs. 

But throughout the story, the thread of family life with its usual highs and lows, romances and worries, goals and aspirations, weave their way through the plot bringing a sensitivity to proceedings that makes the human story as engrossing as the criminal narrative itself.

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To look at him, you wouldn't expect him to be a detective. He's a graduate of law school and comes from a wealthy family. So many things he could have done with his life. But he chose to join the police force. Deep inside he really wants to be able to help bring justice to victims.

It's a shame that his co-workers feel threatened by him. He could take the promotions from those who have been there longer. They try to pretend he isn't there ... there's no camaraderie to be shared.

His luck holds, though, as he is joined with a murder investigation. Here's his chance to shine and prove that he can become an outstanding detective.

This murder is reminiscent of a previous death and be becomes aware of police corruption. How far up the ranks does it go? Add in money laundering and drug dealing leads to another murder. How many more are going to die?

This is a well written crime fiction with twists and turns that are like a roller coaster ride. The characters are deftly drawn and lend a sense of credibility. I like the interactions between his family, his friends, his co-workers. The suspense started at the very first page and maintained its pace throughout.

by NetGalley review

If you like crime fiction Rickie Raven's Dilemma is a book that should definitely be on your to read list. Author J.E. Kellenberger has written a fine example of crime fiction and with all of the twists and turns in the novel it is difficult to know quite what will occur on the next page turn.
The main character, a detective, is a law school grad and from a wealthy family and yet detective work is where his heart and soul is and he is good at it.
The author has a great writing style and the book kept my interest.

by NetGalley review

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