Troubador Obsession

Released: 28/08/2018

ISBN: 9781789013764

eISBN: 9781789011128

Format: Paperback/eBook

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A novel about obsession in its many forms. 
An examination of a murder and its consequences. 
A thriller, partly based on real events,that will grip the reader with its twists and turns. 

Henry was a wealthy barrister who seemed to have it all. When the beautiful young woman, the object of his obsession, agreed to marry him his happiness seemed complete. Through his wealth he was able to spoil her completely. She could do no wrong and he loved her with an obsessive intensity. 

But Jayne had a secret. She had targeted and tricked him into the marriage purely to get the luxurious lifestyle she craved. The only love on her part was for his riches. She tolerated Henry but for her sexual needs she would look elsewhere. But one of her lovers, Jonathan Bond, became more than just a casual fling. He was wealthy, good looking and the owner of a successful night club, and when she fell for him her careful plans began to unravel. 

Having accidentally discovered the affair, Henry used eavesdropping devices to uncover what he thought were their future plans. Plans that his love for her would not let him tolerate. It was then that Henry decided to take a course of action that would have fatal consequences for them all. As a result he would be hounded by a meticulous and thorough detective who was equally obsessed with bringing Henry to justice. 

Fleeing justice Henry escaped to Marbella where he took on a new identity, forgot Jayne and started a new life. But to his horror the demons that had plagued him in England would now follow him even to this new paradise.

Tony's latest book is 'OBSESSION' which is a thriller based on his own factual experiences. It's full twists and turns involving deceit, infidelity and greed.

The beautiful cover drew me in initially. Found the plot very intriguing, when love and money combine it often creates enemies and jealousy behind to rear its ugly head as seen in this novel.

by A D (via NetGalley)

Anthony F Coster

Anthony Coster was a member of the Special Investigation Branch of the Royal Military Police investigating serious crimes, including murder in the UK and internationally. He later became a Private Investigator dealing with commercial crime and high profile enquiries. He is the author of the non-fiction 'Security in Commerce and Industry' published by Butterworths. His latest book is based on his own factual experiences.

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