Troubador Mystery City

Released: 28/05/2017

ISBN: 9781788035507

eISBN: 9781788032452

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Mystery City

The Whitborough Novels


Mystery City is the sequel to Treasure Trove and is the second book in the Whitborough novel series. Mystery City is a light-hearted story with many threads, a large cast of people, two mischievous dogs and a rhino with depression. It combines comedy with tragedy, as well as mystery and chaos, to culminate in a tongue-in-cheek novel written in the style of popular writers of old. 

The first book in the Whitborough novels, Treasure Trove, documented the consequences of two men’s bad decisions, which unleash a series of catastrophes that become too great to control. Mystery City continues the story, exploring the consequences of the events in Treasure Trove, covering the actions of the police, Home Office, and the Ministry of Defence. As the investigation into the events of the end of the first book get under way, new characters are drawn into the story, others are revisited and become more prominent in the narrative as the players try to uncover what has happened – and why. While the guilty parties go to ground, positioning themselves for what they assume must be the end game, the hunter become the hunted in this thrilling sequel.

I will be selling Treasure trove again, at the Whitby Goth Festival in the Autumn; after a tremendous first appearance in April at Whitby leisure centre, where I sold 127 copies. I have also secured a place in the dealers room at the forthcoming Discworld convention over the August Bank Holiday weekend.

I am compiling a booklet called 'the Whitborough companion' for fans of the books. Which will have photos of local people who have agreed to assume the roles of some of the stories main characters. There will also be pictures and signs representing all the locations featured and more maps and illustrations.

I will also be selling T-shirt designs in the very near future possibly at Oliver's Mount Races and the Download Festival. Book two should be available next March. I'm also appearing at Fantasticon in Hull on the 19th & 20th Nov.

Mystery Press

Whitby Gazette

Don't leave this around near the kid's
. It will corrupt them utterly. A great book full of bad people. It's also very rude. Love it. Nice to buy something from the person that's written it too.

by Mary Stewart

Out of the ordinary. Pleasingly crazy. Love it.

by Ben Dack

Very amusing. The last few chapters are really good, I hope the author expands upon the character of the hunter and tracker that's been left hanging. A werewolf being stalked by a former army sniper sounds like a good subject for a plot. Nice colour plates on inside cover.

by Jim Jones

Packed full of great humour. Quite close to real life in some respects.

by Keith Mates

A fascinating procession of amusing scenes and cameos, with a breadth of characters unusual for a novel of this type. The writers style is wonderfully florid and old fashioned but the humour is contemporary and cutting edge. Quite a plateful. The Devonshire farmer and hit-man are an absolute gift.

by Hayley Donaldson

Thoroughly enjoyable, 9/10.

by Bryan Cox

Great fun. Plenty of content and characters for your cash. Is it a historical thriller, a comedy horror, a criminal enterprise or a farce. All and more.

by Jane Crowne

Side splitting laughs. Really fun

by Jack NIcholas

A huge cast and plenty of laughs. Enough pace and plot to hook most people. Whitborough on Sea is one hell of a town, but thankfully its only fictional. This is a great story as long as you're not the type that's easily offended, or easily scared. Oddly, there's also a cracking ghost story come mystery slipped into the narrative. It took me by surprise, but it gets the old grey cells working. I'd definitely buy this again.

by Gill Campbell

Great book. Rock on.

by Gaz Price

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