Troubador Harmful Correlation

Released: 28/04/2021

ISBN: 9781800464131

eISBN: 9781800469747

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Harmful Correlation


During a futile attempt to balance his finances, Drake Sanders, a private investigator, is visited by Mrs Francis, a woman who would like to enlist his services to find her missing husband.

Unfortunately the search ends with the discovery of his body in an east London churchyard and the police already on the scene. At first glance it appears poison was involved but, feeling that he hasn’t quite earned his fee, Drake asks to look into the circumstances of what would cause Mr Francis to be driven to such extremes.

While visiting the offices a pharmaceutical giant he bumps into Inspector Williams who is researching the death of a different man. With the help of Mitchell, a pathologist, it’s discovered that both men were killed with a substance that doesn’t exist in either nature or as a known chemical compound. By piggybacking onto the Inspector’s investigation, Drake comes up against the director of Asclepius Labs, a quintessential manager who will volunteer nothing and admit to even less.

Ultimately Drake comes to understand that he may never be able to obtain enough hard evidence for a conviction, but he becomes absolutely determined to get justice for his client and the victims of an apparent cover-up, which would mean taking on the formidable director personally and against the Inspector’s wishes.

Drake Sanders is a Private Investigator hired to find a woman's missing husband. This was an easy case, so to speak, as the man's body has been found in a churchyard.

At first glance, since there are no signs of violence, poison might be the culprit. There is a bottle lying close to the body. The man's wife admits that her husband had been looking into the probable suicide of their daughter, who had died a few years ago. Maybe he was depressed and suicidal ? The man's wife won't accept that. So Drake foregoes his fee and looks a lot closer for motive.

And then another body is found ... the man is dead under similar circumstances. All three victims worked for a pharmaceutical company .. is that the link?

Drake teams up with Inspector Williams and Pathologist Mitchell. It’s discovered that both men were killed with a substance that doesn’t exist in either nature or as a known chemical compound. Is there someone who wants this information buried as deep as possible?

The clever plot moves at a nice even pace. This is more a who-dun-it than a thriller, but it did keep me glued to the pages. If you like medical dramas, you will find this one easy to read, easy to understand with no 13-letter medical words. The characters are solidly drawn and move easily showing the talents of the three men who blend their talents to solve a puzzle.

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This is a good, old-fashioned (and I mean that as a compliment) mystery. It's the sort of book one can just sit back, relax and enjoy.
The main protagonist Drake Sanders is a gentlemanly private investigator, with morals intact and enough of an oddball to fit in with all his fictional peers. He's an ex-copper and can still call in a few favours when needs must.
The author's confidence grows chapter-by-chaoter and once he's in his stride the prose is scalpel-sharp.

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Loved the setting and characters so much that the plot was almost secondary. Such a strong PI as a lead character told me right from the start that this was going to be one of those fast paced, action packed reads. I wasn’t disappointed and really hope to see more from this author.

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