Troubador Gold 2 Dust

Released: 28/10/2017

ISBN: 9781788039918

Format: Paperback

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Gold 2 Dust


Gold 2 Dust is the second book in the Dark Pools series. It takes many of the characters forward two years when the world is facing another enormous financial crisis, this time in the bullion industry, where China is intent on cornering the market and causing the collapse of the world’s entire banking system. The Dark Pools team has only a matter of weeks to stop utter chaos.

5.0 out of 5 stars

International Intrigue at Its Best
By William Coulter on 24 October 2017

Gold 2 Dust has a fast moving plot that combines politics, finance, romance (OK sex), and military operations set in the real world of international covert competition. The plot twists will keep you guessing and surprised right up to the last page. I recommend reading Dark Pools first, but if you start with Gold 2 Dust I guarantee you will read Dark Pools. Both books are that good.

by B Coulter

Couldn't put the new book down - definitely stepping up into the established big boys league!!! Absolutely 'en point' as they say. Well done and congratulations.........when do we get the next one?

by J&ME

Just finished Gold 2 Dust! What a cracker....I enjoyed every page. Had to take an extended lunch break to finish it off!

by RB

What a great story teller you are. Enjoyed it very much.

by AM

ps: the twist at the end was sensational

by AM

Cannot say just how much I loved this book.

by ESA

Cracking start to the book - just about to open the second bottle. Could be a long night.

by IMB

Finished G2D at 12.20 am this morning, after a marathon session, as I just had to get to the end to discover how it all finished up. Nice steady build up and scene setting throughout the early chapters, a good sense of impending doom/panic as matters escalated and then a breathtaking climax.

What a brilliant effort, Brian, and such hard work and dedication. I do hope other readers enjoy the book as much as I did.

by AS

Started reading Gold 2 Dust tonight. Now 1.00am don’t want to stop. I hate you. A cracking read!

...........(and the following day)..........

Finished G2D at 3am in the morning. Great read

by JF

I have just recently finished your book which I enjoyed more that DP! I thought that your style was much improved and I really enjoyed reading the story. Keep up the great work

by TC-P

An excellent read created by a powerful build up of suspense and excitement, with a cracking pace, much humour and an ending that is as enticing as the shenanigans of the many devious-versus-courageous characters therein.

by MS

You must have given up on me and think that I’ve not read your book. Well I have. Although it did take me a while... finished it ages ago now, I did like it. Really I don’t know how you do it. It was so detailed and believable. Simply a good story. I can’t pretend that I know how the financial world works, it’s a mystery to me, I haven’t a clue...never had any stocks and shares etc. or know even what a hedge fund is (even when I’ve googled it). But that doesn’t detract from the main story

by KM

Brian, just read your latest thriller. Well done, a great read as one would expect from a knowledgeable financier.

by NC

A fast-paced narrative of a diabolical Chinese attempt to destroy the dollar’s global dominance by mounting a monumental, clandestine buying spree of the world’s gold reserves. Unfortunately for the conniving Chinese, Britain and America also have a couple of unorthodox tricks up their sleeve to counter the threat to the West’s economy. It’s all here: cyber espionage, political intrigue, glamour and a sprinkling of sex delivered in a tweedy, gung-ho voice with a faint whiff of the intrepid air adventurer Biggles in his up-and-at-‘em exclamations. A perfect read on a wet weekend. Much enjoyed it Brian. Thank you.

by MW

Gold2Dust was a real page turner. Great twists towards the end. Couldn't put it down and finished it in record time even allowing for other holiday commitments. Need to know more in the next one; just hope it's not too long before it's written and we have survivors.

by SB

Brian Terry

Dr Brian Terry spent the first twenty years of his career in the City as a senior executive in two major US investment banks and a UK venture capital company, after which he has been a management consultant to innumerable companies around the world. Brian holds a PhD in Finance from Warwick Business School and, in his early days as an academic, has lectured and published extensively. He brings to this debut novel an intimate understanding of the major financial centres of London, New York and Hong Kong; the key players, policy makers and institutions involved; and the nuances of the carefully selected locations where the book takes place. Dark Pools, while fictional, it an authoritative, well researched,entirely plausible story loosely based on real events happening today. It reflects the political aspirations of China and the ease with which financial markets could be manipulated by super computers to bring about the economic downfall of America.

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