Troubador Forty Paces East

Released: 28/01/2021

ISBN: 9781800460942

eISBN: 9781800468108

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Forty Paces East


The day is bright and shining as Daisy arrives in North Cyprus to research her book about the 1964 Cypriot war. Amidst the bustle of the picturesque Kyrenia Harbour, she is unexpectedly approached by a charismatic man and his handsome son who go on to offer the use of a writing retreat in the hills of Bellapais. Never one to turn down an adventure, she agrees willingly to the offer by the charismatic Osman Bilekler and his son Hasan. 

As work on her book progresses, she meets ex-solder Namik in the local village and immediately forms a bond with him. However, even as they smile at each other, Daisy has no idea that the topic of her book and her current reality are about to collide.

For the Bileklers are hiding a dark secret and Namik’s family lie at the heart of it. Has she made a mistake becoming involved with Namik, and are their lives in danger?

A Little Book Problem

Honest Mam Spotlight

A quick and easy read that I found myself picking up after a long day to unwind. The characters are beautifully written and I came to love them within the first few pages and was rooting for them all the way to the end. At times I wanted to stop reading because I just wanted the experience to go on for longer. Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

by Forty Paces East

I just loved this book. This was a fun book to read! I really enjoyed the whole story.
The Bileklers are hiding a dark secret and Namik’s family lie at the heart of it. Has she made a mistake becoming involved with Namik, and are their lives in danger?
This was a quick book I finished in about a day. Looking forward to reading more from this author

by NetGalley review

I read this fine novel on a cold winter's day in England with snow on the ground but soon the golden sun of the Mediterranean which permeates every page warmed me.
Cyprus in 1982, an island still struggling with the aftermath of civil war. A young English woman finds herself a pawn in a deadly feud between two families. Only the love of one man can save her.
Sheila M. Bear man's debut novel is hypnotic, intimate and compulsive. It is a tale of grief, hidden truths and dark obsessions. It is breathtakingly good.

by NetGalley review

Very readable with lots of tense action and suspended thrills. Highly recommended for a holiday or some pure escapism during the pandemic.

by NetGalley review

S.M Bearman

Born in South London, I was one of four children, and the only girl. Like many in my neighbourhood, we were very much working class, my father a lorry driver, my mother having worked in a variety of jobs. Growing up, I was always writing , inventing short stories. In later years, I became a member of two creative writing classes. My late husband and I spent holidays in north Cyprus during the eighties, and it's here that i got the idea of 'Forty Paces East'. This came about after meeting ex-soldiers and locals who spoke about the troubles between the north and south. Although I've highlighted this in the book, the story is, in the main, fiction.

I hope readers enjoy this book. Sheila Bearman

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