Troubador Failed Redemption

Released: 28/09/2022

eISBN: 9781803139661

Format: eBook

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Failed Redemption

A John England Story


John England has settled in the penthouse of Peters Tower, the tower block of fifty apartments that his wife’s family had built. Now living with his partner Fiona since the tragic death of his wife and children, John receives millions of pounds of inheritance.

When the financial crisis hit in 2008, Sandra Wall, the MD of Walls Holdings, was under severe pressure to repay the bank. She borrowed three million from Micael Fitzallen, who gained access to half the rental income from the block as well as having a half share.

In the present, John England has been the subject of numerous attempts to recover the three million pounds from different factions associated with Micael Fitzallen. Michael himself has been sent to prison for murdering Sandra, and if he is there for more than ten years, the money will forfeit. And he’s willing to go to imaginative lengths to recover his money…

As John and Fiona lay low on a private motor yacht in the Mediterranean and the Greek Secret Police get involved, can John escape this cycle of constant threat and death?

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