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Released: 28/01/2019

ISBN: 9781789016857

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Exit Day

Brexit; An Assassin Stalks the Prime Minister


Conspiracy, chaos and treachery in the countdown to Brexit on 29 March 2019.

An out-of-favour journalist tracks down a ring of spies bent on sabotaging Exit Day... a senior Minister leaks Cabinet secrets to assassin stalks the Prime Minister.

When an old lover turns up on Harry Topp’s doorstep, she brings with her an explosive “gift”: a list of deeply buried secret agents in Britain. The star name on the list is the Cabinet minister.

Harry is shocked to discover a friend is one of the spies and soon finds himself caught up in a covert war between rival sets of spooks.

Worse still, he’s up against a conspiracy by a group of fanatics, led by a shadowy figure called the Wolf.

What Harry doesn’t realise is that while determinedly chasing his story he’s been hatching a cuckoo in the nest.

Of all the undercurrents in the Brexit controversy, this is the one scenario you would never expect.

Is there room for two novels on the same subject? An interesting question which arises with the simultaneous publication of new fiction about Munich – mine story MUNICH - THE MAN WHO SAID NO!(now on sale) and that of best selling thriller writer Robert Harris (MUNICH on the 21st)

In this instance the novels use the same event – when Mr C went off to meet Herr H at Munich – but in every other respect they’re quite different takes on what was effectively the world’s first Summit meeting.

His plot entails two friends involved on opposite sides during the four days of the Munich negotiations with themes of secrecy and betrayal.

My story concentrates on one man desperate to stop the appeasement of Hitler. His intervention to try and prevent the pact being signed ends with him being “disappeared”.

The story then progresses to a mystery about what happens to him afterwards: does he survive? Does he escape? His granddaughter follows the trail.

I’m really excited that my first novel is now on sale. It’s a story I’ve always wanted to tell and reflects my fascination for events of the recent past. Those big stories within living memory, the current events of yesteryear.

As a small boy I was in awe of my grown-up uncles. I used to ask them about their experiences. What was it like to be shipwrecked? What was it like to be captured by the enemy?

Of course, this was the wartime generation, phlegmatic and retiring. They just laughed off my questions, so I went on my own voyage of discovery, digging into the why and the how, reading up on the big questions of war and peace. That’s how I came upon the incredible episode of Chamberlain flying off to Munich to talk peace to Hitler, one of the key stepping stones leading up to the catastrophe that was the Second World War.

The result is my novel Munich – out now as an ebook and as a paperback in February.

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Thrills and uncertainty, lies and obfuscation, fury and frustration…that’s the Brexit story as it is fed to us day-to-day by blustering politicians and by journalists trying to make sense of it all.

To the average punter, excitement over the issue tends to be stifled by bafflement over the sheer complexity of what sounded so simple - we just quit, right? Er, no.

David Laws’s fictional day-by-day parallel of Brexit’s progress takes us into a higher realm of political skulduggery, right up to an assassination plot.

Exit Day is a thrilling, perfectly contemporary ‘What if…?’ tale. Conspiracy theorists, form a queue right here.

After a scene-setter in Leipzig at the time of the 1989 collapse of Soviet dominance in eastern Europe, Laws moves to March 2, 2019, 27 days before Brexit. Then follows a chronology of events through to the ticking minutes of March 29 itself and beyond. The shortening gaps between parts of the story tend to engage the reader ever more urgently.

An anti-tank missile blasts the front door of No. 10. Journalist Harry Topp is on to a huge story about a ring of spies plotting to sabotage Exit Day, but he is out of favour after a bust-up with Fleet Street bosses and no one will listen. He finds a pistol in his kitchen. His lover goes missing.

This is a must-read in the run-up to severance (will it really happen?) from our European chums, superbly layered with the excitement missing from the real-life daily record of the Government’s torment over the conflicts and confusion of Brexit. Read it before March 29.

by Stephen Wood

Hold on to your flying helmets, we have a new hero. Ace journalist Harry Topp will stop at nothing in his quest for the truth — and that includes crashing his Tiger Moth aeroplane in very sensitive areas.

At the time of writing there has been little or no fact about Britain’s exit from the European Union. So how about a little exciting fiction instead? This story of treachery has thrills galore, involving deadly East German Stasi agents who will stop at nothing to thwart Brexit.

Harry, despite having been rejected by his employers at The Globe newspaper, proves he is on top of his game. Using his vintage Triumph Bonneville motorcycle he chases around the English countryside fearlessly seeking the truth. This leads him to the innermost corridors of the British establishment including Downing Street and Chequers.

Added to this intoxicating cocktail of intrigue is Harry’s former lover Erika who is tied up in the web of deceit and presents him with a list of Stasi agents who are plying their undercover trade in Britain. Danger lurks at every step.

This cleverly written book is a real page turner which you will find hard to put down. But be warned — the excitement may keep you awake at night. Don’t have nightmares!

by Alastair McIntyre

David Laws’ latest thriller could hardly be more contemporary, being structured around the final weeks of the Brexit negotiations. As the politicians (some of them only thinly disguised) manoeuvre and posture, an elaborate conspiracy is being hatched to halt Britain’s exit from the EU.

Harry Topp, a former Wapping journalist, now mainly reporting from his small-town courtroom, has maintained some contact with his old newspaper “The Globe” and often uses his aeroplane, to fly to assignments further afield.

After his own home is vandalised for no obvious reason, he agrees to help his German former lover, who has been terrified by a sinister group of operatives from the old East German security services.

So begins a fast moving story in which “our” journalist, struggling with his dead father’s injunction to “do the right thing” finds strength both physical and mental to take on the security services and to try to expose the incumbent of one of the great offices of state.

Although we see parts of the action through the eyes of various participants, Laws develops Topp’s personality furthest as he struggles with intrigue and betrayal.

How close Laws’ political analysis comes to reality remains to be seen as the nation lurches towards Exit Day – but given recent parliamentary events, much of it is highly credible. It is certainly an enjoyable read.

by Tim Mobbs

A fascinating opening which leaves the reader wondering what possible link it has to Brexit Day. The author then takes us on a breathless ride through twists and unforeseen turns as Brexit day looms. This pacey intriguing story with a fascinating topical presence deserves to be read, but don’t be fooled. It is a good old fashioned spy story with links to the cold war, and not a political saga. Can our slightly naïve hero Harry save the day and the Prime minister, or will the dark forces have their way and leave Britain a troubled country? Then just when you think you have got a handle on the plot, the final twist gives the tale an unexpected kick in the teeth. Read it soon.

by Richard Fuller

This was an exciting triller that I will not soon forget. Had some difficulty falling asleep having read it. The writer depicts some super stressful situations that have a significant impact on the lives of the characters. I highly recommend this amazing book.

by Julia

This story got better as it went along. Harry Topp is a journalist who works free lance. Erica who lived with him some time ago shows up on his door step with her son. Erica brings nothing but trouble with Harry having to move out of his place and stay at a friend's to be safe. Erica and her son move in with him. The days are counting down to Brexit and which direction will Britain go with the possible change. Are there other factors involved to influence what the outcome will be in the end. Erica brings with her a list of old spies who might be in the present administration in Britain. How will it all turn out?

by Nancy

This was my first time enjoying this author and really love the characters. Fast paced action that kept me wanting more. If you enjoy page-turning mysteries and thrillers with snappy dialogue, flawed characters, and a little cross-Atlantic humor then this is the book for you.

by Kelly

This is a very entertaining read, cleverly written, weaving together a tale of a sinister underground spy ring infiltrating government at the highest levels, and attempting to stop Brexit, culminating in an exciting climax at Chequers, country house retreat of the Prime Minister. This story is a tangled web of deceit and intrigue involving former East German Stasi agents, but they had not taken into account our 'Boys Own Hero' Harry Topp a fearless journalist, and seeker of truth and justice while travelling around the country on his vintage Triumph Bonneville, and piloting an ancient Tiger Moth.
Gripping sinister with an array of well observed characters who bring this story to life.

by John

Exciting thriller with Conspiracy, chaos and treachery. The is the perfect ingredients to make this a huge success.

Loved the writing and the characters. A must read!!

by NetGalley review

David Laws

I’ve been a national newspaper journalist for many years but have always nursed an ambition to write novels about my favourite historical period - before, during and after the two world wars. I hope my present effort is the first of many.

Henry Porter, Robert Harris, Robert Goddard, Philip Kerr, Ken Follett and Jack Higgins are some of the authors I’ve been inspired by. The novel itself arose out of my life-long sense of amazement that Neville Chamberlain and the British appeasers couldn’t see how they were being fooled by Hitler and that their actions were making war more likely - not less.

Everyone has to start somewhere - and my first “journalistic” job was operating an old-fashioned plug-in telephone switchboard for a City of London financial weekly newspaper.

When I’d cut off one too many calls and they’d sent me on my way, I managed to find reporting jobs around the London suburbs for weekly papers at Hayes, Southall, Harrow and Wembley. This was followed by sub-editing at an evening paper in Shropshire. Next step, the Daily Express in Manchester, and finally London.

I also managed to fit in writing and producing magazines on film, medicine, travel and finance. Some of the highlights were interviews with Jack Higgins, Marti Caine and Robert Ludlum. Other obsessions: rambling, gliding, flying, railways, locomotives.

Inspiration: My favourite historical period

Inside the Fuhrer-bau where the Munich Agreement was signed
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