Troubador Dunn

Released: 28/07/2018

ISBN: 9781789014341

eISBN: 9781789011708

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Because Nobody's Perfect


Aidan Dunn 

Aidan Dunn is a man driven by money and power – he just doesn’t have any. What he does have - he thinks - is charm. He’s been honing his manipulation skills as a charity collector for years, earning enough commission to rent a bedsit and keep him in lager. But it’s time for bigger and better things. He needs a break or a meal ticket.

Rich, vulnerable looking Sophie Harris could be the answer. 

The problem is, Sophie seems immune to his charms.

When she isn’t at work, she spends her time at a group which she won’t tell him about. Worse still, she won’t commit to seeing him. It’s infuriating and addictive, so when Sophie finally seems to melt and asks him to come with her to a Salvation program meeting, Aidan is putty in her hands. 

Because nobody's perfect 

At the meeting, ex-model front woman, Yvette Blake, and the program’s charismatic founder, doctor Jeffers, seem to be offering the route to money and power that Aidan seeks. All he has to do is climb the ladder and become a ‘Savior’ with the chance of securing a lucrative ‘Salvation program’ franchise.

The problem is, it costs too much. Fortunately, Sophie is willing to pay for him. She needs recruits to progress in the program, so what has Aidan got to lose? Nothing but his sanity, his freedom and his chance of true love with fellow initiate, Lizzie.

Quite a few reviews of Dunn now on Amazon and Goodreads.
Also managed to get a press release in Seaford Scene.
I will be publishing articles about my work, character backgrounds/character interviews/short stories on my WordPress blog on and my website .

The first draft of the young teen novel I have been working on this year is also available on wattpad, but it is in early stages. I have just started draft two so there's a long way to go

Interesting view into a world that is unlike the norm, yet strangely familiar. Great read and insightful into a world of something shocking.

by Kimberly Bennett (via NetGalley)

Kay Jay

Working mum, with a sabbatical from my eleven-year teaching career to finally complete, and self-publish Dunn. The year is almost up, but I did it. I also managed the first draft of an early teen/young adult adventure novel, based on Celtic mythology. I've just started the second draft and it's currently available free on Wattpad - but it is in it's early stages. Dunn took years to write in between working full time and raising my son, so I'm hoping my new series won't take as long. I have previous scientific writing experience from working in Microbiology research (and just about getting my PhD). I'm a keen but injured runner, aiming to get a good for age time to get me into London marathon (then maybe Boston). I was 6 minutes too slow for London last year and I'm injured this year, so that goal's on hold. I also love open water swimming (mostly sea, but also working my way through the lakes in the Lake District, Cumbria), and I do triathlons and Tae Kwon Do when my legs aren't injured (so not this year).

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