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Released: 28/07/2015

ISBN: 9781784623494

eISBN: 9781784629892

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Death by Dangerous


Death by Dangerous is a compelling legal thriller set in Manchester and Bradford. John Anderson is one of the North West’s most dedicated and successful prosecution barristers. His career is going from strength to strength and he is on the verge of becoming Queen’s Counsel. But the life he once knew suddenly comes crashing down following a fatal road traffic accident... Recovering from his injuries, he has no memory of the collision. Was he responsible for the death of a child? Who was his female passenger? Facing charges of causing death by dangerous driving, the professional and personal life he once knew now lies in tatters. Depressed and taking refuge in alcohol, Anderson refuses, in the face of so many unanswered questions, to accept his guilt. He becomes convinced that the gangster he was prosecuting at the time of the crash is in some way involved. The mystery deepens as his search for the truth draws him into Manchester’s sordid criminal underworld. Shunned by his former colleagues, Anderson finds help from an unlikely source, enabling him to confront his prejudices and re-evaluate his past life. He embarks on a journey of self-discovery and, ultimately, the path for his own redemption. Anderson knows that defeat means deliverance to a prison full of violent criminals he has prosecuted over the years. He now has to find the strength to fight the most important trial of his life.


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5 out of 5 stars

I absolutely loved it. Fantastic book. Must read.

by Sue Wallace

5 out of 5 stars

This is another of those books that totally grabbed me from the off and wouldn't let me go until I had finished. It is a Crime Thriller / Police Procedural / Courtroom Drama and all three "genres" have been executed perfectly which isn't surprising considering the author is a Barrister.

John is an up-and-coming prosecution Barrister, continuing the family tradition. Married with two children, his career path is rapidly travelling towards Silk until, one day, he wakes up in the hospital to find his whole world crashing down around him.
It appears that he is responsible for a car-crash which caused the deaths of two people. One, a little girl traveling with her parents, the other his passenger, who he has absolutely no recognition of. Nor does he remember anything about the accident. His last memory being having a coffee with a colleague at the end of a day prosecuting a very nasty man. Suddenly, no one wants to know him. His wife kicks him out, his father disowns him, his colleagues do not want to be seen associating with him. Only one person stands by him and lends him his flat. Without work to do and mourning the loss of his marriage, coupled with the apparent futility of his situation, he starts to let things go, especially drinking too much.

The police build their case, people give evidence and, shunned by his own chambers, John asks one of his courtroom adversaries to defend him. Specifically the defense Barrister in the trial he was involved with at the time of the accident. The trial begins with the defense team still trying to build their case.

Oftentimes even doubting himself, John and his team start to slowly unravel what happened on that fateful day. The suspect list mounts up as secrets are revealed, leading to a climax that completely floored me once we found out what had actually happened and who the "baddies" were.

The author being a barrister himself, I would imagine that the legal and courtroom parts are accurate but I am no expert so I wouldn't notice if any poetic license has been taken but I do know that the whole procedure came across as totally credible. The characters were brilliant. I could literally see them, see the action as it played out. The plot itself, well, all I can say is what a ride. Twists and turns plenty. Lots of intrigue throughout. Always those nagging unanswered questions that take either just that little bit more unearthing or fall into place with a casual remark perfectly balanced with what we already knew. Or thought we knew...

All in all, a thoroughly satisfying read. I will definitely be looking out for more from Mr Jarvis.

I received a free ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

by Kath Brinck

5 out of 5 stars

This very readable book keeps the suspense going throughout.. It is obvious that the author knows the legal world so well. The descent of John Anderson from such a high promising legal career is so sympathetically described that we share the fall with him.
We, too, wonder what happened when Anderson is accused of a road accident in which a woman and a five -year-old girl died His frustration is very real. He cannot remember any details of the crash. Yet they told him he had been the guilty driver.

Was he really guilty? Was anyone else involved? Perhaps someone who had been prosecuted by him, seeking revenge? Anderson receives no help from his legal colleagues... He is amazed when help comes to him from an unlikely source – Tahir Hussain, a lawyer who normally defends gangsters. Hussain has previously been snubbed many times by Anderson as he is an outsider, not a member of any chambers. However they form a bond and he is the only person to support Anderson.

The court scenes are intriguing as Hussain and his assistant Adley, both very convincing characters, defend Anderson strongly but they meet much opposition. The emotional contrasts between the mother of the child who was killed and the frustration of Anderson trying to get his memory back both searching for the truth.demands that this story holds the reader's attention right until the final solution...

by Olive Muir

5 out of 5 stars

I just love legal dramas. It started when I was very young with the likes of L A Law and these days The Good Wife. So it was extra nice to get a book to review that featured my favorite genre. John is a successful lawyer that gets involved in a car accident, which leaves him with no memory. That is not always a good thing, no matter why we hope for in life, and he has no recollection about his involvement in the death of a child. This book was written quick-paced, and I enjoyed the solving of the crime in the end. Highly recommended!!!

by Tanya Brough

5 out of 5 stars

Fantastic. Superb book.

by Leona Campbell

Best book I've read in a long time. Really gripping and absorbing. Clever twists along the way. Thoroughly recommend it to anyone who loves Crime thrillers.

by Amos Waldman

From the synopsis I was already intrigued to read this book and I’m glad I did. It turned out to be a book I was unable to put down.

The story focuses on John Anderson, a barrister who lands himself in trouble after apparently falling asleep at the wheel of his car.. but he doesn’t remember what happened

From here we see his life fall apart, friendships broken, family bonds tested and within the space of a few chapters John’s life is gone from high flying barrister to a nobody facing prison time.

I really can’t give too much away as it would spoil the plot but Olly has created a wonderful tale here and has used his life experiences to give this book lot of detail which adds to the authenticity of the story. It felt real. I felt worried myself what would happen to John and how I would have felt in the same situation where you just can’t control the direction your life takes.

It was really good to see John’s character grow throughout the story. At first he came across maybe a bit arrogant but as the book progresses you find out why he is that way and we also see him change because of what happens. John hits rock bottom but manages to climb his way back up

There were also some wonderful characters in this book aside from John and I enjoyed how each person seemed to have their own motives which came to light as the book progressed

The storyline played out perfectly for me and kept me guessing as to what would happen next and I was hooked right until the end.

This is definitely a book I’d recommend! And I’m glad to hear Olly is working on his next book Cutthroat Defence as we speak.

by David Baird

I loved this court scene novel, I just could not put it down. As Anderson a prosecution Barrister set off home towards the M56. Thoughts of his wife Mia. Was he happy, had he ever really been happy? Had she? They seemed the perfect match. Personal details of Anderson's character make this story seem so life like and believable. Detective Inspector Taylor arrests John Anderson for the offence of causing death by dangerous driving.But Anderson can't remember anything about the accident. He knew nothing of the lady that died. The last thing Anderson remembers is leaving the court. His passenger was killed a thirty-two year old lady by the name of Henna Butt. Anderson tells the police he doesn't know that name Heena Butt. Who was she? Established with authority by an obviously gifted writer. I look forward to more novels by Olly Jarvis.

by Suzanne Marsh

Olly Jarvis

Olly Jarvis is a writer and criminal defence barrister, originally from London but working in Manchester.

Drawing on his experiences he writes both fiction and non-fiction with a particular understanding of the pressures and excitement of life in the courtroom.

He wrote highly acclaimed Radio 4 drama Judgement exploring a barrister’s thought processes whilst cross-examining a rape victim.

Using his knowledge of the Indonesian language he traveled to Sumatra where he wrote and presented a BBC documentary entitled Mum Knows Best, which compared two neighbouring tribes, one of which has a matrilineal system of inheritance.

He has two children and lives in Cheshire.

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