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Dead Girls Don't Cry

Charlotte's Revenge: A D.C.I Harry Longbridge Thriller

by Ali Carter
Released: 28th July, 2023
The new psychological thriller in the D.C.I. Harry Longbridge series. Sequel to ‘Blood List’. A series where the main antagonist is a female psychotic serial killer rather than a male in this role.

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Full synopsis

Ex Cumbrian G.P. Charlotte Peterson is a vicious serial killer simmering her way through two years of a life sentence at Rampton high security hospital. She is however determined to escape, change her identity, and head to New York to find and destroy her arch nemeses Jenny Flood and Emily Stone. They had succeeded in sending Charlotte over the edge two summers ago, now she plans to have her revenge by returning the favour – sending them both to the depths of hell

Emily’s daughter Gina is staying with the Stones, preparing for her wedding, but feels she is being watched. There’s something about the person that displays similarities to Charlotte despite looking entirely different, and Gina’s fiancé Andrew calls his friend ex D.C.I. Harry Longbridge. 

Recently transferred to Kirkdale, Cumbria, D.I. Fran Taylor is assigned to Charlotte’s escape case, but needs help from the one person who knows this killer inside and out, original investigating officer, Harry Longbridge – and Fran’s very close ex London partner. But can Harry play second fiddle out in Manhattan? Can he ignore death threats from home when the N.Y. murders have already begun? Just what will he decide to do?

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