Troubador Coat with Long Sleeves

Released: 28/05/2020

ISBN: 9781838594060

Format: Paperback

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Coat with Long Sleeves


What would you do if you lost your wife and kids and somebody took away your job in the company you started? If there was nothing left of your old life and your new one held only solitude and isolation?

And you shut yourself away.

You became a pariah.

People hated and despised you, and they feared you with good reason.

And then you found something that shouldn’t have been there, that you couldn’t explain.

An ancient relic from a forgotten age of witchcraft and folklore, but ultimately from a time when the natural world was a part of the way we lived. And you thought that someone should know about it because it just might change everything.

For ever.

What would you do?

Geoff Duck’s protagonist is that failed Tech entrepreneur who retreats to the family’s holiday home in rural North Devon when things go pear-shaped; who endures madness and seclusion for twenty years until he happens upon the mysterious artefact that he realises has lain untouched for half a millennium.

This novel explores what happens when you have too much time on your hands for your own good. It looks at disconnects with society, with nature, with traditional ways and perhaps with sanity as the protagonist attempts to unearth the true implications of what he has found and reconcile it with the modern world.

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