Troubador Catalyst

Released: 02/01/2014

ISBN: 9781783062348

Format: Paperback

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When three brothers, the leaders of a brutal gang, are lured to an isolated street and shot dead by a mysterious stranger, the subsequent euphoria on the estate where they lived is picked up by the national press. Tom Brown, an MP for the Opposition Party, whose constituency includes the estate, seizes the opportunity to exploit the story. Having built a reputation as a champion of law and order, he leads the crusade to implement a New Justice Regime with several supporters in tow, including local campaigner George Holland who embarks on a tour of the country to rally support for radical change. There are those who steadfastly oppose these reforms, one individual being Tom’s wife Maggie, a high-profile Human Rights activist. Their relationship suffers badly during his campaign, a situation which pushes him dangerously closer to Grace, his assistant. When the killer is eventually caught and sentenced to life imprisonment, the gang sets out for revenge, targeting George for his outspoken condemnation of their activities and uncompromising proposals for their demise. They descend in large numbers on the quiet village where he lives, armed and ready to kill, and the resulting event is dubbed ‘The Meadow Village Massacre’ across the national papers. Meanwhile, Party Leader Andrew Donald is pursuing his own agenda… This intriguing novel, the first of the Hotel St Kilda books, contains themes of politics, crime and the military with family drama at its heart, creating a wide appeal for readers both young and old.

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A stunning Debut. The plot line is intriguing and the characters are believable and easy to identify with. If crime with political machinations is your thing then Catalyst ticks all the right boxes. Knaggs can certainly hold his own among his peers in this genre.

by Amazon Review

Just when you think the book is reaching a conclusion it takes a devious twist that keeps you guessing to the end.

by Amazon Review

A great read and an excellent debut novel. I found it to be well written and I look forward to more from this new writer. If you like thrillers with a political edge you will find this a good read.

by Amazon Review

A great read with lots of twists and turns. Excellent discriptions that bring it to life. Could not put it down.

by Amazon Reviewer

I really enjoyed reading this debut novel from Mike. I was captured immediately & found the book to have a thought-provoking theme. It kept me interested throughout, so much so that I spent a whole day around the pool on holiday with my head immersed in the book! (Only surfacing for a cool beer.) Now I am looking forward to a sequel...or there will be a riot!

by Amazon Review

An excellent book. Great storyline and very well written. Looking forward to reading the next sequel 'Heavens Door' in this trilogy of books.

by Peter Openshaw

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