Troubador Captain Hazard’s Game

Released: 28/09/2022

ISBN: 9781803132907

Format: Paperback

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Captain Hazard’s Game

A Mystery of Queen Anne’s London


Captain Hazard’s Game, third in the Chocolate House Mysteries series, conjures up the vibrant life of early eighteenth-century gamesters and money-men, a world of deception where risk could bring huge rewards – especially when you turned the stock-market by false news or shortened the odds by cheating. It was a scene where all was in hazard and life lived on the edge.

The book weaves its classic murder mystery around actual events of October 1708, and we move among a rich cast of characters, both in Vandernan’s gaming-house, Covent Garden, and the notorious Exchange Alley.

Playing Captain Hazard’s Game brings murder and scandal uncomfortably close, and Widow Trotter and her friends at the Bay-Tree are drawn into a frenzied game of chance and speculation at a time when the market was unregulated. Fortunes were made overnight, and ruin could descend in a single hour. People played for the highest stakes, and men of power manipulated things for their own ends. In this book the chocolate house itself comes under threat as Mary Trotter, with help from her young friends Tom and Will, struggles to find the truth behind an ingenious system of deception. Once again, she presides over the novel, as she does over the Bay-Tree, with good humour, fierce integrity, and resolute determination.

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David Fairer


As Professor of Eighteenth-Century Literature at Leeds University I have spent most of my life researching and writing about the early eighteenth century and bringing it alive for students, and so this turn to historical fiction is a natural one for me. I find myself on the other side of the fence, writing from within the world that I have inhabited imaginatively for fifty years. I am inspired by the thought of bringing this fascinating period to life for modern readers.

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