Troubador Beck le Street

Released: 18/01/2019

eISBN: 9781789019612

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Beck le Street


When the law of the land fails to deliver justice, justice can become brutal and … fatal. 

Sixteen years ago after an argument with his father, sixteen-year-old Charlie Ashton left Beck le Street, vowing never to return. 

Now sixteen years later he is reluctantly drawn back into this incestuous community when his estranged father is charged with the murder of his mother. Charlie’s need to catch the killer destroys the thin veneer of 21st Century normality that masquerades as village life, revealing the raw violence that lurks just beneath the surface. 

Does he run, fight or join them? Whatever - he learns there are vigilantes and then there is Beck le Street.

This was a very enjoyable read, I really liked it a lot.

Charlie was 16 when he left the village of Beck le Street, eventually becoming a successful and well-known photographer of celebrities. He lost contact with his family, but when his father calls 16 years later to announce his mother is dead, Charlie reluctantly returns to Beck le Street, a claustrophobic town that is practically run as an anarchic entity by the villagers. The punishments that are meted out are practically medieval in their cruelty. When Charlie realizes his mother was murdered and the police arrest his father, he's determined to find the truth and find the killer. Unfortunately, the residents consider him an interloper and want him out. With more murders on the horizon the stakes are high and Charlie finds himself in the crosshairs of several people, especially the husband of his ex-girlfriend who detests him and becomes more and more dangerous.

This is a great read, a good story with a likeable protagonist. I found it hard to put down, wanting to know what would and could happen next. The ending was not a total surprise to me, but it was a nailbiter and had a final happy ending. Highly recommended!

by Hannelore

Beck le street by Tony McHale.
This was a really enjoyable read. I liked Charlie's character. I was shocked with what happened to Charlie's girlfriend. I had my theory on who the killer was but I was wrong. The ending was perfect. 5*.

by Sue Wallace

This crime thriller was right down my street. It was explosive from the start and never relaxed. I read this in two days, and would have finished quicker had I been left uninterrupted. This thriller was set in the Moors, in a town which Charlie left when he was sixteen years old vowing never to return. Unfortunately he must though when his estranged father is accused of murdering his mother. Charlie returns to cover the identity of the true perpetrator of the crime and in doing so exposes the back water for what it truly is. Secrets are uncovered, characters are exposed and no stone is left unturned. Each character is a real and vital element in the cog of this wheel. McHale writes well with suspense interwoven throughout. I loved this ending too. It was truly fitting and was totally unexpected.

by Clara

If you enjoy entering a large and complicated maze without any idea as to how or when you will eventually escape, then you are sure to relish Tony McCale's literary twists and turns version of the Hampton Court maze.
My wife listened engrossed night after night as I as I read passage after passage , leading us through the ever changing mystery that spells out this un-put-downable story, Beck le Street.

by Peter Witham

Charlie a professional photographer is awoken one morning by a phone call from his father. A man who he has not spoken to in years. As a matter of fact, the woman in his life thinks his father is dead. Now the call from his father is him telling Charlie that his mother is dead. He goes back to Beck le Street a place he left when he was sixteen and I got the impression that he had not been home much at all.

Home and finding out that his mother was murdered changes everything for him. When they believe his father was the one, he now works to find out the truth. When the father is murdered this only adds to the story. You find that Beck le Street has its own set of rules and justice, that the police really don’t care what happens there and Charlie though wants to find the answers. Will he end up in the sites of the killer as well? This book has many different characters and they all add to the story. The author keeps you going with action, clues all the way to the end which makes this a very good book and worth the read.

by Pat

Tony McHale

Over the last twenty-five years Tony McHale has become renowned for his work as a writer and director on television, with literally hundreds of hours of screen credits to his name.

His writing credits include: Murphy’s Law, Waking The Dead, Dalziel And Pascoe, Silent Witness, Beech Is Back, Second Sight, Headless, Dangerfield, Eastenders, Casualty, Perfect Scoundrels, Lifeboat, Boon, Saracens, All Change, The Bill, Eldorado, his international award-winning five hour television thriller Resort To Murder and his ten part thriller/horror for C5 Headless.

He also co-created Holby City and was for a time Executive Producer.

Beck le Street is his first novel.

Tony McHale
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