Troubador Beautiful Oblivion

Released: 28/11/2022

ISBN: 9781803135328

Format: Paperback

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Beautiful Oblivion


Sixties cult rock band, Beautiful Oblivion, were only together for a few years before tensions between the band members led to their break up. When the band’s drummer, Jimmy Jacobson, is found dead with a knife in his back, Inspector Sanjay Patel must determine whether the crime relates to events in the recent past or those which occurred during the band’s hay day. Has Jacobson been killed for his money by his young lover? Was the killer his estranged wife or their son, who only receive modest bequests in his will? Or is it an act of revenge by one of his former band mates?

To answer these questions, he must investigate the background of the main beneficiary of his will, Karly Rudge, the complex love life of his son, Michael and dodgy dealings in the music business. The team discover Karly has another lover who also has a lot to gain from the drummer’s death. And then Jacobson’s business partner, Nigel Smith, is beaten to death with one of his own golf clubs. Is this the work of a second killer or are the two crimes related? Could both murders be the work of a criminal on remand who suspects that he has been betrayed by Jacobson and Smith?

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