Troubador A Walk on the Wild Side

Released: 28/10/2022

ISBN: 9781803132983

Format: Paperback

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A Walk on the Wild Side


Detective Jaswinder Singh, a Metropolitan Police Officer, has returned to work from gardening leave. His reputation for solving cases in the most unorthodox of manners has made him many enemies within the police. Unfortunately for them his methods always achieve great results with all his cases being solved.

Sarah, a civilian manager at the police station, enlist Jazz’s confidential help in finding out what is happening with her husband, Derek, who worked in the Police Protection squad and may be being blackmailed. Although he has few friends in the police force as he is considered a rule breaker and a cocky individual, Jazz does have two colleagues that have remained loyal to him despite all that has happened. He also has an informant Mad Pete, who reluctantly comes across with information when pushed by Jazz. It is revealed that Derek is into S&M and belongs to an exclusive S&M club where the blackmail could be happening. Taking advantage of Derek being away Jazz decides to go undercover in the club to see what he can find out.

This alerts MI6 and it would appear that a large undercover operation was about to take place and Derek was under scrutiny as a potential traitor. Now established in the mess and causing chaos for MI6, Jazz is incorporated into their strategy for the operation but told to keep out of the way. This is never going to happen, and the unorthodox, fearless and some would say stupid, Jazz must now take on MI6, an S&M club and a terrorist group each one of them potentially out to kill him.

A Short Story called Sandra Dee: Click below to hear it. It was recorded on Felixstowe Radio on February 6th. This is the first of my 4 short stories I recorded.

I have had my article The Good the Bad and the Criminal printed in the San Franscisco Senital Internet Newspaper. I have been asked to forward my article "There are no Calories in Writing" for publication in a senior magazine in America.

I had been invited by Felixstowe Radio to record my short stories. The first one was aired on 6th February and Trevor, the Managing Director said the others will be aired on their writing and short story slot on Sundays at 6 p.m.

If you enjoy the link, please email Felixstowe Radio and tell them. Thank you.

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M.C. Dutton

I have always loved writing. When my children were young I wrote stories for their Nursery years. Later I wrote adult short stories. My first novel "The Devil's Tears" was such fun to write and I just couldnt wait to get home from work and write some more. "Silent Night" was wonderful to write to see the characters grow and develop.

Now I am totally addicted to writing and I have started my fourth novel. There is a joy in knowing you have more writing to come home to. I dont always know what is going to happen next in a story line. The characters have developed their own personality and go in the direction they want to and I just follow them. They have taken me to places I would never have thought of.

I write the type of books I enjoy reading. I want to grip you on the first page and keep you wanting to know more. I hope you are surprised by the endings and havent guessed what is going to happen.

I was married for 35 years, now divorced for many years with 3 children and 7 grandchildren. I have had some of the usual hurdles in life and some that are specific to my life. I have been tested and won!

I am involved with criminality in my paid job and in the evenings with my voluntary job.

Over the years I have met all kinds of people through working voluntarily with Samaritans, mentoring, YOT Referral Panels: They range from awesomely heroic to sad, mad and seriously bad. I believe anyone is capable of any act as long as they can justify it.

I am fascinated by people. If you talk long enough to someone you realise that no one necessarily sees life, love and the pursuit of happiness in quite the same way.

My books are character driven and the situations bring out their raison d'etre.

I have been asked to talk on American Radio regarding my experiences with youth criminality and gangs. I found that very interesting indeed and I believe I have quite an insight into why young people are attracted to joining gangs.

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