Troubador A Spell in France

Released: 16/01/2017

eISBN: 9781788035002

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A Spell in France


When Trevor suggests a vacation in the South of France, his young wife Sylvie is thrilled, and sees it as a chance for the two of them to re-invigorate their marriage. He has become distant, her step-daughter Harriet's hostility has proved a divisive force, and Sylvie hopes that a spell together in Nice will bring excitement and romance back into their relationship. However, shortly after their arrival she is faced with the possibility that Trevor has not been truthful about his reasons for the trip. The vacation turns into a nightmare when he vanishes in mysterious circumstances....  

Following the investigation and its aftermath, Sylvie makes a fresh start in London, and romance beckons. However, the past keeps intruding, and eventually erupts back into her life with shocking revelations. She is confronted with the pain of betrayal and forced to re-examine her marriage. She wonders if the past will ever go away, and if she will ever embrace the happiness she longs for …

Hannah, A young estate agent is faced with a moral dilemma when she lies to cover for a colleague, claiming she kept an appointment that never took place. When a body is found in the empty property, she is drawn into a criminal investigation. Should she continue to protect her friend? tell the police all she knows? or try to uncover the truth for herself!

A tense, absorbing and unsettling story, expertly melding the ordinary and the eerie ...
( Isobel Dixon. Literary Agent, Blake Friedmann)

Has contributed short stories to several collections , most recently TALES FROM THE BOOSHOP (2017) and TALES FROM AN OXFORD CAFE (2021)

I loved this book. The story is gripping and the plot gently scary. On the first page you feel that need to turn the page and see what happens next. The descriptions are so vivid that you really feel you are there, in France. You feel you know the people, and care about what happens to them. I look forward to this author's next novel.

by Sara Banerji

A beautifully written easy read. A relaxing way to spend a rainy afternoon. When Sylvie's husband dies she is forced to build a new life for herself. But all is not as it seems. How well did she know Trevor? This is an interesting story. I wanted to know what secrets Trevor had and I wanted a happy ending for Sylvie. This book is fairly short but there is a lot of action packed into it.

by Julie Hosford

I enjoyed this book. It was quite atmospheric with some fantastic descriptions of the South of France - an area which I love. The first part is narrated in first person by Slyvie, a young woman married to the older Trevor. After a small argument while on holiday in Nice, Trevor collapses with a heart attack. The novel then moves forward three years and switches to a third person narrator. This is the only negative of the novel for me. I much preferred Sylvie as a narrator, but I quickly got past this as the story carried me along.

I was captivated by the mystery of the rest of the book.

by Emma Kerry

M. S. Clary

Born in London. Studied Social Sciences at Manchester College Oxford, and LSE. Has worked in the BBC, Social Services and developed own fashion business.

Has won several prizes for short fiction and her first novel A SPELL IN FRANCE (a psychological thriller) was published by Matador in 2017.

She is married with two sons. Lives in Oxfordshire.

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