Troubador A Death in Custody

Released: 28/01/2022

ISBN: 9781800465640

eISBN: 9781803138329

Format: Paperback/eBook

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A Death in Custody


Brixton in the late 1990s. Delroy Brown, a young black man being held in police custody, dies in a confrontation in his cell with a police officer.

The officer claims to have acted in self-defence but fails to give a satisfactory explanation for being in the dead man’s cell.

Chief Inspector Elliott conducts an investigation into Delroy’s death, but his enquiries are obstructed by a lack of co-operation from police officers, the activities of a corrupt private investigator – and the legal system itself.

Alison French, a young journalist, Neeta Patel, Delroy’s family’s solicitor, and Ben Weekes, a black youth worker, join forces to try and find out the truth about Delroy’s death, but find themselves in growing danger, as they are drawn into a murky world of violent criminals and police informants.

Law Society Gazette

This was an enjoyable book that made for an easy read. I liked the writing style, the chracters and their development and the storyline. It was such an interesting read especially with the BLM movement being so at the forefront at the moment. I really enjoyed it.

Original review:

by NetGalley review

This is a very good read of the death in custody of a young black man, Delroy Brown. Set in Brixton in the 1990's, it has all the action and suspense of a thriller and gives an insight into the criminal justice system in Britain. As the investigation into Delroy's death is conducted, a world of violent criminals, danger and police corruption is exposed and the investigators find themselves in danger. A realistic and well written book.

Original review:

by NetGalley review

Being a psychology and criminology student this was right up my street and the plot instantly drew my attention. Everything is about inequality and power with one hell of an investigation. Everything ok studying made me think of everything from racial discrimination to how corrupt certain people in power can really be. It was so deep, meaningful and emotional.

How the legal system continues to fail those in custody still happens and this gives people a huge insight into that. As a team closest to Delroy come together to put the wrongs actioned right there’s so much more that’s unexpected that chaotically unfolds creating a suspenseful fast paced read. The plot isn’t unique by any means it’s eye opening to the cases we’ve seen over the recent years.

The criminal justice system in some way controls and orders our daily lives. But how can we trust those that cause damage and pain to others. Although this is a long read and the chapters are long too. Each chapter takes you further into the events in a brilliant effective manner. Although I didn’t form much of a connection to the individual characters I did form a connection with the true meaning behind this book. Kudos to the author for bringing out so much realism and knowledge and truth behind what really happens in the CJS.

by Nicola Hancock (on Amazon)

The author clearly has inside knowledge of the criminal justice system. His book is both informative and critical of its few strengths and many weaknesses. The book sets the scene and then moves quickly and deftly through unexpected twists and turns. Highly recommended as a good read and a critique of a world which we might at any time become involved in ourselves. I hope there is a sequel.

by David Mason (on Amazon)

Great read.
Set in the 1990's in Brixton, the death of Delroy Brown in Police custody and the story then of the investigation and uncovering of information by a young journalist.
This book was realistic and believable and set at a pace that does not have you wondering and not being bogged down in legal matters, but tells the tale from start to finish.
Thoroughly enjoyed this and hope there is more to come from T S Clayton.

by Mrs A C Bladen-hovel (on Amazon)

I really enjoyed reading this book. It was such a unique story and a very exciting read. I was definitely hooked from the very start.

This book was set out in chapters labelled different parts as a different part of the story. I enjoyed this layout because it it allowed the author to introduce new characters and new parts of the investigation. Just by reading this book I could tell how much knowledge the author has surrounding criminal law. It is definitely something I am interested in learning about. It gave me a good insight on how complicated the whole process can be, I definitely learnt things while reading this book.

I can imagine the author brought in his own experiences into this book especially with him being based around Brixton. I love how this book includes topics which are relevant today despite being set in 1990s. It was interesting reading about racism within the criminal justice system, which is still very much present today. It was an eye opener to learn about how certain situations can be brushed under the carpet by professionals we are supposed to trust.

I was gripped on this story from the beginning, I was eager to learn more about both the fictional story and real life criminal justice process. I thought there was a good range of characters in this book. In particular, I liked Alison, Neeta and Ben, they were so determined to find out what happened and to discover the truth.

I highly recommend this book to everyone, it was educational and entertaining. It was such a page turner for me.

by Emily Hirst (on Goodreads)

There's a realistic emotional core to this novel which I particularly like. There's enough legalese in the text to make it all very authentic and give it some gravitas. The plotting and pacing is masterfully done.
The author clearly grasps the racial tension and prejudice which made Brixton such a dangerous place in the late 1990s and makes his characters challenge both a corrupt police officer and a naive Surrey housewife. The authorial voice is particularly striking.

Original NetGalley review:

by Robin Price (NetGalley Review)

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