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The Way Back

Released: 28/10/2018

ISBN: 9781789015881

eISBN: 9781789012484

aISBN: 9781789012736

Format: Paperback/eBook/Audio Book

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The Way Back


After losing his home and savings to his lying son, widower Robin Bentley has a breakdown and is consigned to a care home for the elderly. He’s deeply depressed and has lost himself. As his health improves, he feels imprisoned and decides he must escape. 

While sneaking away, his path is blocked by a scary, battle-worn bull terrier, which is being hunted by the police. Very frightened, Robin distracts its attention with food from his rucksack, and then hurriedly makes the long walk to his planned hideaway at a seaside caravan park. But the fearsome beast follows him relentlessly...

He curses his luck, but in time, realises the dog is a fellow fugitive and takes pity on it. At great sacrifice, he takes care of it and grows to love his ugly companion.

An elderly Chinese widow, living with her cat in an adjacent caravan, is very alarmed by the arrival of her scary-looking new neighbours. Many trials and misfortunes follow, and the dark side of life battles with love and companionship, to shape their future.

I enjoyed this book. It certainly had a feel good factor about it. The author painted a good picture of the plot of the story. I could certainly get a sense of why the main character wanted to change his life and take control. An interesting premise that it took a stray dog to do that! The development of the relationship between him and the woman he met whilst on his journey was touching. An easy read that has a happy ending!

by Lenore Saville

What a fantastic book such an amazing story really pulls at the heart strings this is a book that can be read by all ages I highly recommend.

by Jeanie McKinlay

This is a truly heart-warming tale of starting over again.
Bill has lost everything on a failed business adventure. Saving some funds he escapes his elderly care home to start life fresh. On the way he meets a damaged dog, Butch, a Chinese lady and her cat, Bo.
Most importantly on they he learns more about himself and how the human spirit never stays down for long.

An easy read with a lovely happy ending.

by Fiona Yule

A wonderful story of two people finding each other in old age.

Robin Bentley, was in a nursing home after having lost his home and money helping out his son, depressed and with little interest in life, he decides he must escape. The morning he does leave, he meets an ornery old Bull Terrier, who follows him to a seaside caravan park where he plans to hide. He calls him Butch and they become best friends, giving Robin a purpose in life.

It turns out in the caravan next to his is an elderly Chinese woman and her cat Bo. The two of them become friends, looking out after each other, and both happier than they had been in a long while.
This book has a lot of little pearls of wisdom, as the two talk about their pasts and families. Both of them feeling they now have something to live for.

There is a lot more to this story, so I hope you will give it a read. It makes one, think, care, and get involved in their lives.

by Alison DuFlon-DeLeo

This is a charming, easy to read tale, about a man who leaves his care home, is estranged from his son and has a quiet adventure.

It's well written and his relationships with both a stray dog and a Chinese lady he meets are well told.

A lovely read with a happy ending.

by Sharon Adair

His wife has died, his son lives far away, and he hates living alone. When his son asks him to invest some money in a new enterprise, he does. When it fails, he loses his house. So he has to go to a nursing home...

Troubador Publishing and Net Galley let me read this book for review (thank you). It has been published and you can grab a copy now.

I spent a lot of time with my grandparents growing up. Now I'm getting older and see some signs on me that I saw on them. (Wrinkles for example.) I enjoy chatting with older people, they always have interesting stories. The old man featured in this tale has an interesting story, too.

He's to the point of considering suicide when he decides to run away from the home. He'll find himself a place to stay (he could always camp) and he'll figure out how to make it on his own. He has saved up money, checked where the cameras and guards are and he readies himself to make his escape.

The first obstacle he runs into is a dog who appears to be aggressive. He feeds him the sandwiches he had packed for himself and almost runs away. The dog follows but he's limping and not moving fast. When he gets to the caravan park, he pays for the one he rented and moves in with his few belongings. Soon the dog shows up. He tries to run him away, ignores him and eventually invites him in. He's got a friend now.

He meets the woman in the caravan next door. She has a cat. He likes her and they chat. He's spent half his savings on the dog who needed vet care. Now he has to worry about the dog and cat getting along.

This is a sweet tale of old people finding a companion late in life that gives them conversation, shared meals, and affection. They still have some rough spots ahead of them but with someone who cares it's often easier to get past the point of trouble.

I enjoyed reading this book. It was like visiting my grandparents again.

by Jo Ann Hakola

Not a usual book for me but i must say i did enjoy reading it and will be recommending it to friends!

by Sandra Blower

I really enjoyed Rosie, so jumped at the chance to read this book by the same author and I have to say it was equally brilliant, a heartwarming adventure for an elderly gentleman! This time the person escaping from a care home is Robin Bentley. He’s a widower who lost his home and all his savings to his son, Peter, leaving Robin depressed and feeling imprisoned. He plots his escape carefully, saving up cash to take with him as he journeys to stay in a seaside caravan. However, he certainly didn’t anticipate being joined on his travels by a frightening looking bull terrier who he calls Butch! As the two start their new adventure together it is a story of healing, reconnecting with life and forming a new friendship which gives meaning to existence.

It has great characters, lots of love and humour and is a superb, easy read that has an ending that will have you smiling. The homilies and quotes from the elderly Chinese lady, Lanying Hu, in the neighbouring caravan are snippets of wisdom for everyone. The The philosophy of the story is summarised at the end:

If you want to be happy for an hour, take a nap.
If you want to be happy for a day, go fishing.
If you want to be happy for a year, win a fortune.
If you want to be happy for a lifetime, care for someone.

What a great philosophy - hope you are all happy and care for someone! The final chapters show how love can help others change and there's a fantastic surprise for both Robin and Lanying courtesy of Robin's son! This is a fantastic story, really hope you get to read it and that you enjoy it as much as I did.

I requested and was given a copy of this book, via NetGalley. This is my honest review of the book after choosing to read it.

by Elaine Brent

A heartwarming, lovely and moving book. I found it moving and enjoyable at same time.
Highly recommended!

by Anna Maria Giacomasso

This is a tale of sadness, hope and eventually happiness.

Robin is a widower who is conned out of his home by his son and as a result suffers from depression and ends up living in a care home. He escapes and is befriend by an equally desperate dog on the run from the police, who think he is dangerous.

The story is of their adapting to each other and coping with what life throw at them.

I enjoyed this story as it shows whatever your situation, don't be afraid of doing anything different and take a change on lifes events.

I enjoyed this book and recommend it.

by Kathryn Travis

This is a book that will make you feel good. It made me feel warm inside.
As much as it is about a dog (and a cat) who saves a person, it is about two people learning to live again as they enter their waning years.
I smiled over Robin's initial escape. Later we learn about his new neighbor's literal escape.
It is a story about betrayal and friendship and opening one's heart.
I wanted to take my time with this book because I did not want it to end.

by Laura DogsMom-Roth

The Way Back by Bill Whiting is a delightful contemporary bittersweet tale about friendship, life and true treasure.

The focus of the novel is on two characters in their seventies, an ugly dog and an independent cat. They are a wonderful set of individuals that complement each other. They all moved into my heart.
Written in the first person from a male point of view, I immediately felt empathy for his plight and completely at home with the open, frank, engaging style. With a major theme of loneliness and a feeling of being past his prime, the reader could be forgiven for thinking this may be a depressing read – but far from it. It was full of humor, insights into character and snatches of wisdom gained over a lifetime. Hopefulness rises in the form of an ugly, battle scarred mutt in need of a helping hand. “Hope had bought me to this place, and I was staring into the gnarled face of hopelessness.”

Animals focus on others. We would be wise to learn from them. Dogs want and give unconditional love. “No better gloom buster than Butch’s waggly tail.” Dogs see beyond themselves. Cats are more independent but both bring joy and a new focus. “Happy people never count the hours.”

True friendship is priceless. “A good friend is a true and priceless blessing.” A friend is a true friend when all they want is to sit and be with you, they are not with you for their gain. The novel has a beautiful friendship of two people both in their twilight years. They support each other, picking the other up when they are down.

An elderly Chinese lady brings much wisdom into life. “When the wind blows, don’t build a wall – build a windmill.” When trouble comes, and it will, we can always choose how we respond.

We must live in the present. “The past has gone and we don’t get two goes. But we can change the future.” Too many of us miss the moment because we focus on our past. Be fully present in the present.

The Way Back is beautifully written. It is a unique read and one that I will treasure. I love Bill Whiting’s style of writing and I adored his previous novel, Rosie.

Give yourself a real treat – relax and unwind with The Way Back today, and reorganize your priorities.

by Julia Wilson

The story is so heart warming, with an escapee for an old people's home and his friendship with a Chinese window and a scrawny dog.

An emotive read, highlighting the loneliness that people feel and how friendships can help both people.

by Laura Jay

I loved this book! The author has written a wonderful story full of emotion. The story is heartwarming and charming. my friend us an administrator at an assisted living facility and I cant wait to get this book for her, she will love it. I will definitely be putting Bill Whiting on my list of favorite authors. Thank you netgalley for gifting me the arc of this amazing story. The review is my honest opinion

by Sheila Groves

I had read “Rosie” by the same author, and enjoyed it – an easy read about how a dog helped one man find his way back from grief at the loss of his wife. Well, this book has very similar themes…t is a charming story, and I found that I wanted to read more of it than my usual couple of pages a night…I was taking my Kindle to work and snatching a few minutes reading time over lunch.

It isn’t great literature, but the author captures the characters of both Robin and Lanying well, and tells their stories in an undramatic yet affecting way. I cared about both of them and wanted a happy ending for them. Butch and Bo, the two animals, also had their own characters.

I would recommend this book as a “cosy” read by the fireside, with a cup of your favourite brew. It made me feel good!

Lanying would often come out with Chinese sayings (I don’t know if they are “real” Chinese proverbs, but they have a ring of reality about them. The one which completes the book sums up the themes and feeling of the story:
If you want to be happy for an hour, take a nap.
If you want to be happy for a day, go fishing.
If you want to be happy for a year, win a fortune.
If you want to be happy for a lifetime,care for someone.

by Alison

This was a really lovely story, pulled at the heart strings for me who works in aged care.
Robin, after loosing his wife and home, has a breakdown and after his son manages to take away his home and all he has, moves him into a Care Home for the elderly. Robin looses himself and becomes depressed, feeling broken after being deceived by his son.

Over time he improves in his overall health and mentally, and decides that he cannot live where he is anymore, he decides he must escape.

Brazenly he sneaks out of the home but in his way is a scary, battle-worn bull terrier, which is being hunted by the police.

This frightens Robin to no end, and remembers food in his back pack and distracts the dogs attention. Robin then hurries on the long walk to his planned hideaway at a seaside caravan park.
But the beast of a dog follows him relentlessly. He curses his luck, but in time, realises the dog is a fellow fugitive and takes pity on it. At great sacrifice, he takes care of it and grows to love his ugly companion.

Together they make a home and befriend their elderly neighbour, a Chinese widow, living with her cat. Along the way, they become good friends, and have ups and downs in health and joy and love of being near the sea.
Robin's son comes back and things take a good turn for the better.

A terrific book of love and companionship between people who wouldn't normally be drawn together. Highly recommended. Love it.

by Vanessa

This is a story of one elderly man, who loses just about everything to his lying son and who ends up making a new life for himself after some fascinating trials and an interesting journey. After losing everything, Robin Bentley becomes depressed, living in a home for the elderly. As his health improves, however, Robin finds the home confining and escapes. During his escape, he encounters a tough-looking, street-wise bull-terrier, whom the police are searching for. Cleverly distracting the dog with food from his rucksack, Robin manages to keep going to his seaside destination, only to discover the dog is following him. Over time, Robin comes to accept and love the dog. However, those who live around him wonder about this strange man and dog, who give rise to some alarm among them. The story weaves many interesting and fascinating trials and events that shape Robin and his new companion’s new life as it moves along to a fascinating ending.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The author writes exceptionally well. The characters are well-done and caught my interest from the get-go. This is not like the books I regularly read, so it provided me a wonderful escape and the opportunity to experience something new, as well as the opportunity to see first-hand that helping others can help you. The themes of loneliness, despair, friendship and acceptance of whatever life throws at you really gave me a strong, good feeling. I think anyone who reads this book will love it as much as I did. I received this from NetGalley to read and review.

by Kathy

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