Troubador The Rock ‘n Roll Kids

Released: 28/04/2022

ISBN: 9781803131306

eISBN: 9781803139432

Format: Paperback/eBook

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The Rock ‘n Roll Kids


Dublin, 1970s and 80s.

Lizzy and Rocky are in their late teens and live in Dublin’s inner city. Both possessing superb musical talent, they've at last formed an emerging rock band in their mother's memory. It was their mother, after all, who drove their musical ambition as she was a professional entertainer. Unfortunately, they lost her, at a crucial time, through breast cancer. They're determined to make it musically in part due to her.

Their newly bereaved father doesn't agree. An obstinate military man, Pipe Sergeant Jim Rockingham suddenly dictates the break-up of the band and the immediate enlistment of the boys in the army. While they think he is being cold and callous for its own sake, he is in fact under enormous pressure to repay years of insidious patronage provided by a dangerous local politician who now has ideas for Rocky. Ideas that involve using Rocky as a spy to infiltrate the local VIP Military - Diplomatic Bar & Restaurant. However, when Piper Jim is provided with the name of a young officer for 'elimination', he panics and tries to wash his hands of his involvement. Easier said than done for the heavily compromised Pipe Sergeant. Rocky, having innocently befriended the targeted young officer, overhears the elimination plot. His father pleads with him to keep the plot to himself in case they both become potential targets.

But what is the true price of an abject failure to help a friend and military colleague in danger?

As as 1960 army brat myself this book triggered childhood memories of Athlone, the Army, the great music of the 70’s and 80’s, and the “phone in the hall”. Yet Liam also gives us a strong matriarchal mother in the character of Maria, a modern styled mixed race family, love interest and a terrifying sub-plot of “sleveenism” and begrudgery which exposes an ugly and dangerous political underbelly. Maria’s boys, two dubs, Rocky and Lizzy, are the central characters and are lovingly and sympathetically styled by the author to produced a wonderfully enjoyable read while treating us to trips to Lebanon, Spain and London leaving the reader with a feeling of hope and courage. Exciting page turner.

by Corla Mansfield

Liam  G Clancy

Liam G Clancy, as an Irish Army officer worked on home security during the difficult Irish troubles period. He also spent extended periods as a United Nations Peacekeeper in both Lebanon and Iran. After retiring from the Army, he spent three years in Iraq leading teams involved in humanitarian food and medicine distribution as part of the UN Security Council Oil4Food project. He worked in New Hampshire, USA for two years as a factory operations manager in high-tech manufacturing. On return to Ireland he set up a successful tourism accommodation business in the Temple Bar area of Dublin. Liam plans to continue his writing and hopes to turn The Rock 'n Roll Kids into both a play and musical film. He currently lives in Ireland but spends part of each year in Cadiz, Spain.

Liam is a graduate of the The Marist College, Athlone, Ireland and the Irish Military College in County Kildare. He has a Business Degree from Dublin City University and an MBA from Boston University in the United States.

Liam G Clancy
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