Troubador The Interpreter

Released: 28/09/2019

ISBN: 9781838590925

eISBN: 9781838596811

Format: Paperback/eBook

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The Interpreter


A traumatic experience forces Magda Zielinska to leave her hometown Kraków. She finds refuge with elderly relatives in Leicester. 

To distance herself from the horror of the recent incident, she seeks anonymity in altering her name. As Madeleine Greenwood, her new persona, she desperately hopes that her luck will change for a better future.

Life settles to a steadying routine of study and work, despite recurring nightmares and hounding memories. Then one day, Madeleine’s worst fear becomes a reality. She is faced with a most difficult dilemma. 

Will she ever rid herself of the terrifying tentacles of her past?

Will the man she loves stand by her once he knows the truth?

Can she ever achieve the longed-for peace in her life?

Many readers of my book 'Stolen Years' have asked me what happened next to the characters in that novel.
They will be pleased to catch up with them in 'The Journey'.
Though this is not a sequel, the characters of both novels come together in the third part of 'The Journey'.
This reflects their life in the post war years, when, as refugees in England, they were placed in ex-army camps, forming close-knit communities.
Anyone brought up in that environment, or anyone with Polish connections, will find particular affinity with that part of the story.

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Kazia Myers

Kazia Myers was born in Palestine, then under the British mandate. Her Polish parents were refugees and survivors of Stalin's labour camps. They settled in England after the war.

Kazia is a retired teacher, with a love for writing, painting and classical music.

She lives with her family in Leicester.

Kazia Myers
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