Troubador The House of Rani Kapur

Released: 28/08/2020

ISBN: 9781838594749

eISBN: 9781800467118

Format: Paperback/eBook

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The House of Rani Kapur


Delhi, 1947... Welcome to The House of Rani Kapur, where nothing is as it seems, and everything is as it should be. A house where dreams are made, betrothals brokered, and hearts mended, a house where anything is possible if the belief is there and faith kept. Here, tears are wept, laughter and friendship celebrated, and love given and taken in equal parts. Watched over by Harish Hope and George, Parvati, the golden goddess, and the many other deities all over the house, visitors are drawn like moths to a flame to add to the diversity already found inside. Magic awaits all those ready to receive it. Welcome to The House of Rani Kapur...

By writing bird's-eye observations of people's lives and believing that the minutiae, the small things that occur often without note, are equally as important and life changing as huge catastrophic events, Karla sets out with passion and skill to bring them to light. Tugging at every known emotion the reader is transported both around the world and through time, to share and be a part of igniting something that will never be forgotten.

I loved this book. I started off by being drawn to the cover and then I was drawn into the sites and sounds and smells of India. I have never been to India and probably never will. But I can imagine the heat and the flies and the smell of the rubbish and then to be able to smell the jasmine and all the spices.
This was a book of escapism, not just for the characters but for the reader and that is what books should be about. It was one of those books that just kept me reading.
Harrish Hope and Hope House were appropriately named. There was always hope in every situation. For a fifteen year old Rani carried a lot of baggage with her, how would many have coped after what had happened to her before Harrish found her and took her to his house.
Difficult to review without giving anything away. Just read it.

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