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Released: 28/08/2020

ISBN: 9781838594749

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The House of Rani Kapur


Delhi, 1947... Welcome to The House of Rani Kapur, where nothing is as it seems, and everything is as it should be. A house where dreams are made, betrothals brokered, and hearts mended, a house where anything is possible if the belief is there and faith kept. Here, tears are wept, laughter and friendship celebrated, and love given and taken in equal parts. Watched over by Harish Hope and George, Parvati, the golden goddess, and the many other deities all over the house, visitors are drawn like moths to a flame to add to the diversity already found inside. Magic awaits all those ready to receive it. Welcome to The House of Rani Kapur...

By writing bird's-eye observations of people's lives and believing that the minutiae, the small things that occur often without note, are equally as important and life changing as huge catastrophic events, Karla sets out with passion and skill to bring them to light. Tugging at every known emotion the reader is transported both around the world and through time, to share and be a part of igniting something that will never be forgotten.

I loved this book. I started off by being drawn to the cover and then I was drawn into the sites and sounds and smells of India. I have never been to India and probably never will. But I can imagine the heat and the flies and the smell of the rubbish and then to be able to smell the jasmine and all the spices.
This was a book of escapism, not just for the characters but for the reader and that is what books should be about. It was one of those books that just kept me reading.
Harrish Hope and Hope House were appropriately named. There was always hope in every situation. For a fifteen year old Rani carried a lot of baggage with her, how would many have coped after what had happened to her before Harrish found her and took her to his house.
Difficult to review without giving anything away. Just read it.

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A fabulous book.
I love any book based in India you settle in the hustle and bustle of the way of life.
Two characters that were fabulous.
The story gets you right at the beginning.

by NetGalley review

The sights, sounds and smells of India come alive in this easily readable novel by A.K. Karla. The lives of the main characters, their challenges and their struggles, friendships and emotions are beautifully described and identifiable. The goddess Parvati watches over all in the House where life is celebrated and guided by hope.

This book is a gift for the senses and very recommended.

by NetGalley review

The House of Rani Kapur is an exotic tale of life in India, described in rich, lush detail. There is a full cast of characters who enter and exit in the life of Rani; all interesting and colorful. Hints of the otherworldly and mystical surround Rani and life at Harish house, although there are contrasts between the glamour and the reality. Rani herself remains distant—maybe that was the author’s intention—but she is loved and admired by everyone around her. Definitely a good read.

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The descriptions in this book totally transport you to the setting of the novel. In India during Partition. I love books that depict a different culture to my own and this was exceptional in that regard. The story of Rani, found as a child raped and orphaned in a filthy ditch, her rescue by Harish Hope and the new course of life she then follows was fascinating, and beautiful. Only her super fast conversion to Christianity was slightly surprising and a little unconvincing. But the story concerning her upbringing in a ‘house of ill repute’ and the portrayal of those both living and visiting there was very revealing and sensitively written. She even managed to make you feel sympathy for what seemed to be the most unlikeable of characters. Recommended.

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With such lush descriptions of India, this book places you right into the humble, brutal beginnings of the life of mystical Rani and her experiences first at Harrish House, and onwards through a challenging life. An amazing read! Totally recommended reading!

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The House of Rani Kapur is an utterly gorgeous novel. The writing is beautiful, the setting is vibrant and the characters are all totally unique. It's difficult to go into too much detail without giving the plot away, but it' definitely worth the read!

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I chose this book to read because I am fascinated by other cultures and countries. So one set in India was an obvious choice for me.

I wasn't disappointed. It's an easy read in many ways, and straight away you are in India, experiencing the sights, sounds, smells and culture..

I really like the main character - and near the end was the introduction of another character, who is to be one of the main characters in another of the author's books - which I have waiting to be read. I liked this small thread of continuity and connection between the books.

If you want a book that pulls you in and along the story, and you're interested in learning more about other cultures, this is certainly worth considering.

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Read this after reading Mr. Gupta's Hardware Store which was excellent. Enjoyed this immensely. I hope it develops into a TV series. Well developed, interesting characters and an excellent time and place to set the story.

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This book follows the story of Rani Kapur, the English Teacher's daughter, who was rescued from a ditch following a vicious gang rape. Her rescuer was Harish Hope, and his servant/lover George.

She was taken to Hope House where the women nursed her back to health. This house was a brothel and Rani is given the choice of earning money to pay for her keep.

We follow her thoughts, her relationships with the people of the house and her new found religion.

I quite enjoyed the story but I found the characters a little two dimensional (or at worst stereotypical) which made me feel removed from them and their experiences.

A pleasant summer read with an element of fairy tale about it.

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