Troubador The Gift of Time

Released: 28/03/2022

ISBN: 9781803130972

Format: Paperback

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The Gift of Time


Elisabeth’s autism never holds her back unless someone or something disturbs the natural order of her world. Alejandra doesn’t recognise how she has changed, nor had she considered that her husband was a narcissist until she can’t ignore it anymore. Mary Ann lives like a caged bird, through choice and circumstance. She is unable to see further than this but is finally beginning to question her life.

Giuseppe longs to escape his homeland, but his health and his mother are holding him back, or is that just an excuse he uses not to change? Clayton is nearing the end of his life and decides he needs to right the wrongs in his family while he still thinks he has time. Annchi doesn’t know much about the wider world, she doesn’t even know the truth of her own world. She doesn’t know yet it but will find out more than she could ever conceive of.

Then Covid hits.

Six people in five countries are unknowingly and inextricably linked. Love, hate, life, and death. Relationships are put to the test, deceptions are revealed, secrets are kept, lies are constructed. Help is at hand from the least expected sources, but hope is what they all have.

All they each wanted was the gift of time, but this wasn’t what they imagined.

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