Troubador The Creators - 1

Released: 28/10/2017

ISBN: 9781788039987

eISBN: 9781788030076

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The Creators - 1

Road to Nowhere


At Christmas 2015, family arguments about Pete Bridford’s huge success in business, together with premonitions of the Brexit vote, lead him to realise that the lessons he learnt in his youth are going to be needed today. He decides to write them down. First he goes back 50 years, to October 1967, when he is beginning research at Cambridge University. Glittering academic prizes have already come his way. More beckon, and for a while they arrive in both academic and personal life. He finds that he can get on through pulling the right strings in College politics, though this means he cannot give his friend Harry Tamfield as much support as he might. He befriends Jenny Wingham, the daughter of an established academic family, whilst staying on good terms with an old flame, Liz Partington. He makes a breakthrough in his research. But does he want to stay in the Cambridge of the 1960s, which was deliberately isolated from the real world outside? That question is put to him by Pat O’Donnell, a captain of industry. For a while, Pete thinks he can avoid it. Then, he and Jenny save a life, and that forces them both to decisions about their own lives and aims.The action is set in times of political turmoil and student protest. By chance, Pete learns that in those times, an established academic family uses every means to stay established. He is able to turn the tables on them, and completes his education in the process.

Part 2 'Flight to Destruction' has many messages for today. It is set just after the UK entered Europe and features a dodgy MP against the background of oil shortages and miners' industrial action which put the country onto a three day week. Then 'Mr Heath's general election gamble fails', as The Times put it. But the narrator and his friends have plenty of fun as they find out more about each other.

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A thoroughly enjoyable and intellectually stimulating read. Its detailed and often intricate threads kept me intrigued to know how the characters and events would resolve... but I was enjoying them so much I didn't want to get there too fast. I'm looking forward to volume 2 now!

by J Grover

Colin Myerscough

I am retired from a career which started in academic life and then moved through industry and the civil service, ending as a trade union officer. I have lived through the times of the three novels forming 'The Creators', which I have written as J M Collin. Part 1 'Road to Nowhere' is set in 1967-68, Part 2 'Flight to Destruction' is set in 1973-74, and Part 3 'The Turnaround' is set in 1979-82.

See Chapter 3 for the reference to Manet
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