Troubador The Boatman’s Journey

Released: 28/01/2023

ISBN: 9781803135694

Format: Paperback

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The Boatman’s Journey


Leonard Gardner, a former artist suffering from aphasia, is confined to a nursing home. A young care assistant, Kate Davies, discovers his collection of paintings and begins to work with him in a new approach to therapy. A strong bond develops between them as Kate uncovers details of Leonard’s childhood growing up on the canals and his quest for education. But his early success is short lived when tragedy forces his life to change course.

Set in 1929 and 1980, this tender narrative explores the enduring search for identity, the need for a heartland and the restorative power of faith when past events still haunt the present.

The Place Where Love Should Be

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Elizabeth Ellis

Elizabeth Ellis grew up in Hertfordshire, has lived in various corners of England and spent several years in France. She has worked in education and now runs a community writing group and art gallery. She is married with three daughters.

The Place Where Love Should Be is her second novel.

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