Troubador The Big Fumble

Released: 28/05/2022

ISBN: 9781803132341

Format: Paperback

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The Big Fumble


One year into the task of putting University London Central back on its feet, trouble-shooting Vice-Chancellor Professor Clifford Conquest is battling those who, ‘in dribs and drabs, defraud my students of the education they deserve’. His political star is in the ascendant and the ambition to be an important figure of the Centre Left in a reformed Labour party comes closer. But no! His aim is threatened by the forces of the Rising Left – not least on his governing body – bent on displacing the Centre Left. Both factions regard universities as their intellectual stronghold in danger of becoming a plaything of the Right. 

When a magnetic couple from the world of cinema attend Graduation Day, Conquest’s ambitions for The New University are given renewed impetus. Complications are rife. A student comes to a sticky end, raising questions about the university’s ability to assess risk. A literary endowment causes strife. The value of arcane research fields is called into question and professors revolt. Can Conquest fight off the doctrinaire forces of the Rising Left determined to derail his ambitions? Like any Public Sector samurai, he dons a fresh suit and takes the fight to his enemies. Will Higher Education be reborn? Can he out-connive the connivers? Do the polemical hardliners out-fox him? Even in his darkest hour there are glimpses of stardust; ideals to guide him onwards. For one driven by the highest motives success is truly glorious, even if threatened by the occasional fumble!

'Lara Bliss Loves Rose Madder Genuine' is the first book in GJ Babb's Art World Trilogy. The second, 'Nude, Not Naked' will be published in 2020.

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GJ Babb

When not resting or writing, GJ Babb is walking the coat of England. 'The most important rule is to walk every inch, so no missing the less attractive stretches. Once I set out I feel like walking on for ever, off into the blue yonder... It has helped me enormously to imagine the beautiful estuary of the Em and its changing cast of characters.'

Mysteries abound in 'Lara Bliss Loves Rose Madder Genuine'.

Is this Lara Bliss caught 'in cahoots' with Jack Palanga?
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