Troubador Strange Affairs, Ginger Hairs

Released: 28/05/2019

ISBN: 9781789018110

eISBN: 9781838598709

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Strange Affairs, Ginger Hairs


Hull, 1998. Unemployed, single and broke. These chains are what eighteen-year-old Ginger is determined to break free from, away from his indifferent parents and toward the ever-elusive achievement of a girlfriend. Life is monotonous to the point of tears – until the chance acquisition of a gold ring unbalances Ginger’s whole world.

Suddenly Ginger finds himself caught up with violence and tinpot crime, betrayed by his best friend and escaping from local villains desperate to reclaim their property. An encounter with a middle class ‘daddy’s girl’, hitching a ride for a little excitement, holds promise – but when her own questionable past is thrown into the light, their situation worsens and the frying pan erupts into the fire. With their lives at risk, they must hatch a plan to turn the tables on their enemies and dare to play the criminals at their own game. A hilarious tale of kidnapping, bad sex and self-discovery.

On: Yorkshire

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Fully Booked

This was a funny and unique quick read! I cannot wait to read more from this author, as the writing was excellent!

by Cristie

Typical English humour and tasteful musical touches that set the atmosphere; "Strange Affairs, Ginger Hairs" is an engaging and fast-paced novel with endearing characters, that involves laughs, twists and turns whilst never being boring or difficult to follow.

by Sophie

Strange Affairs, Ginger Hairs - brilliant!! Bleak, dry and darkly humourous - and so cleverly written. Ginger Jones happens across a ruby ring in his fish and chips. There begins a series of misadventures, none of his own making, which find him wanted by the police and being hunted down by the local gangland boss. Along the way we meet Brian, his gay, line-dancing work colleague, Ms Fish, the boss's daughter who drags him into robbery and arson, and Ginger's hapless and deeply depressing excuses for parents. Never a dull moment in this wonderful book, full of curse words and inappropriateness - and all the better for it. This book, I suspect, will be like Marmite, but I really loved it and for anyone with an irreverent sense of humour - you will too.

by Lou

Books like this are not that common. And by ‘books like this’ I’m referring to books filled with criminals, scallywags and plenty of other types you might tend to shy away from, should you meet them in real life. Handy then, really, that you don’t have to - it’s a book so you can just enjoy the naughtiness within the safe confines of the pages. I won’t give anything away, but if you like crime capers that seem real, with authentic, colourful characters, you really owe it to yourself to check this out. I hope the author decides to do a sequel because I could happily get lost in this world again and again. A five star read.

by Ian

Okay! So I requested this book after reading it's blurb. I was expecting it to be a humorous and easy read. And this book hasn't disappointed me at all. Not only is it humorous, but also fast paced and interesting. All the characters are developed well and I loved the dry humour of this book. To be honest, I have never read such a hilarious book. It captivated my attention right from the first page and it hasn't wave red at all. And I loved reading about Ginger Jones. This is a five star read for me.

by Jayasri

This held my attention from the first page and it was filled with funny and eye rolling moments, I really enjoyed it.

by Roz

I just loved this book. Great British humour in the vein of in Bruges and lock stock and two smoking barrels. It’s all about a ring and being on the wrong place at the wrong time. How things get twisted out of all proportion and circumstances get worse and worse. Just fabulous. Made me smile throughout. Just could not stop reading. Characters were as large as life — you can almost touch and see them. Highly recommend if you like this type of humour

by Rachelle

What a rollercoaster. The best book I read this year (2019). I can see Guy Richi making this into a movie. It was just like watching Lock, stock and two smoking barrels. Very British. The plot kept getting thicker and thicker. Very fast base black thriller. Very funny. Highly recommended. Unfortunately it's the only book written by Arthur.

by Yabbie

I’m from Hull so this book resonated with me. Recommended - a lacy authentic read that I found highly enjoyable. The author has a style all of his own, and I’ll definitely be seeking more of his work.

by Claire

Arthur Grimestead

Arthur Grimestead was born in Hull, but doesn't blame anyone.

He lives with a woman, a dog, and a cat (no order of preference).

The end.

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