Troubador Spells of Dusk and Dawn

Released: 28/11/2021

ISBN: 9781800463370

eISBN: 9781803138206

Format: Hardback/eBook

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Spells of Dusk and Dawn


Having fought to extricate himself from a devastating relationship with a charming but fickle woman, and desperate to reach a state of serenity, William leaves her to live alone in an old dilapidated house by the sea and devote himself to music and astronomy; but his distraught state of mind induces him to seek temporary relief and he meets Dorothy, a carefree and vigorous women, to whom he, in spite of his resolution, feels strongly attached. Fearing his loss of independence he tries to quench a wild fire with a circumscribed fire and seduces a compassionate but unsuspecting women whom he hopes can shelter him till his infatuation has subsided; however, after a while he nevertheless more or less unconsciously gives her a good reason for leaving him, and he has then no option but to confront Dorothy.

Too indecisive to run away he fights his inclination, while she, being susceptible to his repressed feelings, which she has inspired, becomes eager and frustrated enough to take the initiative. As his feelings for her become manifested in action he has to accept them and this ignites an increasing interanimation which suggests a shared consciousness. And yet, his longing for serenity and her longing for absolute love are apparently incompatible and this insoluble conflict forces him to leave her, but while running away he feels the double bond between them strengthen to a point where he is pulled back to her and together they reach a state of reciprocal acceptance; and yet he suddenly leaves her for the freedom of the jungle though expecting her to join him shortly and thus get the best of both worlds; so the anagnorisis leaves him in similar though not identical situation as that from which he tried to escape a year ago. Character determines fate and an all-consuming love is not easily reconciled with the an urge for the numinous.

Ivo Mosley


It Takes a Thief

5 stars. Enjoyable, absorbing, challenging

This is a really interesting book, challenging our preconceptions about life and the human world. There is a deep morality to both the main characters, not of the conventional sort, but concerning how to survive in a world that has given itself over to mendacity, hypocrisy and false values on a colossal scale. I´m sure there is no other novel quite like it, and if you want to read something challenging, unusual and yet a page-turner here it is.

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Niels Hammer

Niels Hammer is the author of a book on Sanskrit poetics and of articles dealing with etymology, birds, aesthetics and consciousness research. He studied Sanskrit at the University of Copenhagenand has travelled extensively in South-East Asia photographing wildlife and temple iconography.

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