Troubador Seeing Things

Released: 28/05/2021

ISBN: 9781800460300

eISBN: 9781800468658

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Seeing Things


Rachel Holloway is a school teacher with an unremarkable life. That is, until one day when everything changes forever and she is given the gift (or is it curse?) of being able to see and speak with the dead - amongst others...

As she grapples with this strange new ability, she encounters many colourful characters, both living and dead. Some try to guide her, while others use her power for their own ends. 

When a girl is brutally murdered, Rachel is thrust further into a labyrinthine world of spirits that are trapped in a limbo state between earth and whatever lies beyond. She soon discovers that what lies in the shadows is legion and some things that exist in this dimension are far more evil than anyone could imagine.

Praise for 'Seeing Things':

Seeing Things: Author's Medium Grandmother Inspires Cinematic, Realm-Bending Horror Novel

Suzanne Linsey-Mitellas's 'Seeing Things' embroils readers in the life of Rachel, whose just-discovered gift of being able to interact with the dead propels her into a new existence. She encounters both those looking for help, and those seeking to exploit her abilities - especially when a girl is brutally murdered. The narrative was inspired by the author's grandmother, a spiritualist medium, and a dominant force in Linsey-Mitellas' view on the world. It's powerful stuff.

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I enjoyed this book it was well written with good pacing/flow and well-developed characters that were relatable and had relatable moments that dealt with very raw emotions in a way that made the reader want to keep reading. I read this fast I could not put it down with plenty of twists to keep me guessing, I am definitely going to be looking for more from this author, highly recommended

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by NetGalley review

I'm a big fan of all things spiritual, all things supernatural and so this book was calling out to me and I really enjoyed it. It was incredibly fast paced, and I sped through it.
It didn't feel particularly original - it felt very similar to 'ghost' the film, and also reminded me of the ITV drama series 'afterlife'. Despite it not feeling overly unique, it didn't hinder my enjoyment. I didn't feel that much happened, but I still loved it and felt super intrigued to continue and keep turning the pages. It's a really difficult one to review as I don;t want to spoil anything.

The book ended on a cliffhanger so Im hoping that another book will be on the way soon.

Original review:

by NetGalley review

I read this in three days! Interesting with a good story, waiting for the next with anticipation

by Fascinating read

Suzanne Linsey-Mitellas

Suzanne Linsey-Mitellas was born in London and is a mum to two boys aged 19 and 8. She is married to Alan and has a very spoilt cat called Luna.

Her first books were published when she was 8 years old when her father entered her into a WH Smith story writing competition, and from this the 'Tracey Banks' series was born, which told the story of a girl who solved magical mysteries, but was always home in time for tea!

In her local primary school Suzanne had her own 'wall' full of her stories and poems which classmates were encouraged to read, and due to her prolific works the wall was never empty!

Suzanne worked 17 years for a local authority in their press and communications department, where she juggled the competing needs of senior politicians, wrote press releases and speeches, as well as managing the social media output. She has recently started her own thriving gardening business.

Although she has written many stories her entire life, her recent novel, Seeing Things, was born from her early experiences with her grandmother, Alice Whitfield, who was a Jewish spiritualist and psychic medium. During childhood Suzanne thought nothing of staying in a 'haunted house' and grew up with the notion that ghosts and other dimensions were very real, not things one imagined on dark stormy nights.

Suzanne has written her debut novel Seeing Things as part of a trilogy, or series if required. She is currently writing the second instalment entitled Dead Line.

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