Troubador Rosie

Released: 28/03/2018

ISBN: 9781788034616

eISBN: 9781789010312

Format: Paperback/eBook

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A gentle, romantic and reflective story about recently retired Will Williams who is severely grieving after the death of his wife, Rosemary, following a long illness. His two children work abroad and he is alone after the funeral and grows deliberately recluse.

A few weeks later he's puzzled and annoyed when a lady arrives at his home delivering a schnauzer puppy. Called Rosie, it was ordered by his wife to be delivered to him after her death, together with a note from her.

His wife had always wanted a dog but Will didn't like them and had never agreed. But after a very difficult initial spell, he gradually grows to love Rosie and appreciate the companionship his little new friend brings to his life. Rosie also helps him overcome his grief and appreciate more than ever the wise and loving foresight of his wife. 

Two travel adventures follow in Switzerland and Austria where doggie-centred dramas ensue - including the injury and loss of Rosie.

All dogs have a small monetary market value and any are worth nothing at all. But to their loving owners they are priceless.

Rosie by Bill Whiting is a most beautiful and touching account of life, loss and love. Following the death of his wife, Bill Whiting felt lost and alone. Grief "hit me like a bursting dam." The hole left by his wife consumed. He realised that little irritations over the years and "working for tomorrow's happiness" meant nothing when your life partner is gone. "All the gold in the world could not buy her back." Rosie is an account of very raw grief.

However hope reached out beyond the grave in the form of a small Schnauzer puppy called Rosie. "Utter helplessness meeting total hopelessness." Bill Whiting's wife knew that he would need a new purpose after she was gone.

The book tells of Bill Whiting's new found bond with Rosie. She becomes the love of his life, establishing that rules are there to be broken. The account is very beautiful and very touching. Have the tissues close by. I certainly needed them.

Bill Whiting shares some of his life with the reader. We hear about past events and present predicaments. What shines out from the book is love. A love that lasts a lifetime. A love that cannot be replaced. Loss is helped by the love of and the love for a little dog called Rosie. Perfect for pet lovers. Perfect for those who have loved and lost. Perfect for anyone. A beautiful love that does not die.

by Julia Wilson

What a beautifully written story of love, loss and grief. Loved this book.

by Marcia Stewart

This book had me with all the feels. It is a good look into grief, coping, friendships, and love. I completely enjoyed it and would recommend it.

by Crystal Wright (via NetGalley)

After the death of his wife and just sitting around grieving his wife an unexpected surprise ends up on his door. Weeks before her passing she got him a miniature schnauzer puppy. Not knowing what to do with the puppy and wanting to return her in the beginning he ended up with the best gift his wife left him, Rosie. Well written story that I would highly recommend to anybody. Dog lovers or not will definitely enjoy this book.

by Marvelia Saldana

I found this to be a charming book, which was a light, easy read – perfect for me in my health situation. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and found myself engaged by the characters: the slightly grumpy Bill, his children, his wife, and, of course, Rosie the dog. There was a good mix of story, and philosophy, and although I felt the telling of one adventure was stretched out a little too long, it was well-written and held my attention.

It is a lovely story, in which the author explores grief, what it means to lose the person who was your rock, the love of your life. He does not shy away from writing about the harsh realities of loss, but what I found truly touching was the obvious love that he held for his wife, the loss of whom was somehow helped by the appearance of the puppy in his life.

It is not a great sweeping tale, but a homely story. It certainly touched me, and I give it a solid 4 stars ****

by Alison Wale

A very good book about loving, losing and healing. It breaks your heart and gives hope at the same time. Strongly recommended.

by Anna Maria Giacomasso (via NetGalley)

What a lovely little story.

It tells the story of Bill who lost his wife and how devastated he was. Then along comes Rosie a lovely little dog who he devotes his life to.

I can relate to this so much as being a dog lover I understand the bond and the love that both dog and owner give to each other.

For me a very special read.

by Barbara OBrien (via NetGalley)

The first thing that drew me to this book was the cover. I love reading about pets, especially dogs, so I was intrigued by this story. I believe this was a fiction book, but it seemed more like a memoir to me. It is told in the first person by Will, I assumed the author. When his wife died, Will was alone, his children living in Germany and the US. He turned to scotch and was very much a recluse. When a woman shows up at this door with a schnauzer puppy, he tells her it must be a mistake. He finds out that his wife ordered the puppy to be delivered after her death. He does not especially like pets and even though his wife, Rosemary, always wanted a dog, he always vetoed it. This dog was his saviour. He named her Rosie and it was the only thing that brought him out of his grief and isolation. The story tells of their adventures together and how he survived his grief. This book has some sad parts, but it is the story of love, understanding and is hopeful and uplifting. Having lost my own husband only 16 months ago, I know how much my dog helped me to get it together. The story is a good one. It is a roller coaster of emotions with few characters that are all important in their own way. A short story that is a wonderful read and could be brought out over and over.

by Carla Johnson-Hicks

This is a wonderful reflective story about retired Will, who is grieving after the death of his wife, Rosemary. As his children work overseas, he is alone after the funeral and grows recluse, and drinking more and more alcohol.

One morning a few fews after the funeral Will is annoyed when a woman arrives at his home delivering a schnauzer puppy, who by chance is named Rosie. Will is confused, even after finding out the delivery was ordered by his wife to be delivered to him after her death, along with a note from her.
His wife had always wanted a dog but Will didn’t like them and had never agreed. But after a very difficult initial spell, he gradually grows to love Rosie and appreciate the companionship his little new friend brings to his life. Rosie also helps him overcome his grief and appreciate more than ever the wise and loving foresight of his wife.

Two travel adventures follow in Switzerland and Austria where doggie-centred dramas ensue - including the injury and loss of Rosie, then finding her again.

This story is heartwarming and heartbreaking, sharing all Will’s dreams and wishes after such a devastating loss, and proves how the love of an animal can open your heart and help you live again.

by Vanessa Dukovic

A most delightful and heartfelt story involving a precious dog named Rosie and the owner who is bequeathed her. Going together through adventures--some fun and some dangerous the line between who needed the saving more becomes more and more obscure. I laughed, I cried and I totally enjoyed! Thank you so much for allowing me the opportunity to read this title prior to publication.

by Doris Abramson

If you enjoy reading books about dogs, this is the book for you. Several weeks after his wife of many years dies from cancer, Will Williams, grief stricken by Rosemary’s death, receives a surprise present from his now deceased wife (who had arranged it before her death), a schnauzer puppy named Rosie. At first, Will is not sure he can or wants to take on a dog, but he agrees to give Rosie a short trial run. As can be expected, when that ends, Rosie has wormed her way right into his heart and soul, so he keeps Rosie. From than on, Rosie and Will become inseparable, as Rosie helps Will work through his grief and get on with life. In the book, the pair travel to Germany, Austria and Switzerland, packing in a myriad of adventures, some of which are delightful and some of which are fraught with danger (injury and possible loss of Rosie). This book brings home the pricelessness of pets to their owners as well as how pets can love and really help and comfort owners as needed. I loved the way the man and the puppy bonded almost from the start, each learning and accepting the other in his/her own way. The author has provided a sort of memoir a grieving widower and how he learns to cope with his wife’s death. In the process, he explores the thoughts and emotions that come with the loss of a loved one, especially of a life’s mate. This is truly a testament to just how much and what a pet can do for the people in his/her life who own, care for, love and protects them. I received this from NetGalley to read and review.

by Kathy Talley

Princess Fuzzypants here: Fair warning! Humans should be prepared for leaky eyes while reading Rosie. It is the story of a newly bereaved man whose late wife knew him far better than he even knew himself. After the activity that follows a death, when everyone else goes home and the widower is left to himself, feeling lost and depressed, a little silver and black angel arrived to help Bill.
Rosemary, Bill’s late wife, had arranged for a schnauzer puppy to be delivered with a personal note. Bill, who did not like dogs, feels ambushed and wants nothing more than to be rid of Rosie. An untrained puppy can have lots of “accidents” which did not enamour Bill. But after three days, when he was just about to send Rosie back, he has an epiphany and decides to give it a bit more time. It was the best decision he ever could have made.
One wonders how severe the downhill slide Bill was experiencing might have gone. Between drinking too much and caring too little, it would not have been pretty. We animals, be we dogs or cats, can create magic and Rosie was a pro.
Little by little, Rosie brings Bill back to life and love and happiness. It is not without some very scary moments but their life together is a wonderful adventure and a testimonial to the power of four on the floor love.
And let us face it, schnauzers are pawsome.
I give this five purrs and two paws up.

by Susan Johnston (via NetGalley)

This is such a moving, unforgettable story that features a lovely schnauzer puppy, called Rosie and Will Williams whose beloved wife, Rosemary, died after a long illness. Will is struggling to cope after her death and is finding solace in Scotch. His children live in Germany and the US, he’s retired and is isolating himself from the world around him. That’s when he has an unexpected knock on his door and a stranger delivers Rosie. Initially he doesn’t want her but the lady informs him that his wife ordered the pup to be delivered to him along with a letter from her. The story takes the reader on a journey with Will, as he initially resents and rejects the pup but comes to love her and she helps him overcome his grief to face life - and adventures - again.

This is such an emotional roller coaster read! I certainly needed the tissues handy at time but then there would be something to have me laughing out loud. It is a delightful read, reflecting on the power of pets to give new meaning to life after tragedy and the adventures these two have are brilliant! I can’t give more than five stars, but this one easily earns all of those and more. It is a story I suspect I’ll read again and again in future and have absolutely no hesitation in highly recommending to anyone!

I requested and was given a copy of this novel, via NetGalley, with no obligation. This is my honest review of the book after choosing to read it.

by Elaine Brent (via NetGalley)

This novel reminded me a bit of The Rosie Project (in some of the mannerisms of the narrator) and Marley and Me (in some of the spot on reflections on dogs and their nature). I love the narrator's ability to reflect upon his relationship with his wife through his growing attachment to Rosie. Overall, a sweet read. Loved it!

by Mary Christoff

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