Troubador Not Forever

Released: 28/06/2021

ISBN: 9781800463509

eISBN: 9781800469297

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Not Forever


Molly’s childhood is a world of secrets and hiding. Her life is spent escaping from danger with her mother. This time they leave London at night with a supposed offer of a house in Devon. 

Lester’s house is more of a squat. He is a truly disgusting and violent man. Molly’s mother is held by the mixture of available drugs and a need to be wanted. Molly believes their lives are in danger if they try to escape. 

Outside the run-down house, Molly discovers Dartmoor. The fantastic bleak wilderness is an unbelievable space for a young girl who knows only towns and dark alleys. Molly steals her times on the moor while Lester plots. 

But when things go badly wrong for her mother, Molly seeks revenge and that’s when Police, Ambulance, Fire, and Court Services arrive. 

And that is just the beginning. 

Bookbag on Tregarthur's Promise: 'The character development is outstanding. Mellanby has created very believable three dimensional characters.'

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This isn't your usual psychiatric thriller, it's far more traumatic, more terrifying than that.
Molly was born into a 'life' of drugs, prostitution and neglect. It is beyond horrendous; what chance did the 'poor girl' have? Molly wasn't allowed to run and play.. She was used, manipulated, sold and abused to suit the adults around her. But somehow, Molly grew an inner strength.
This book brought back some awful memories from my childhood; consequently, I found it difficult to read. However, it is so well written, it allowed me to read through to the end - albeit tentatively.

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This book is a mass of adjectives, harrowing, upsetting, depressing - and at last redeeming, No ild should go through what Molly is, but unfortunately too many of them do. In some ways she got off easy in the end - she survived and escaped. Badly damaged, knowing too much and too litlle.

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Alex Mellanby

Alex's novels are not his first works of fiction since, as a doctor, he has many research papers published. Unable to stick general practice, psychiatry, or being a physician, he took up a senior post in Public Health in the control of communicable disease. That was mostly drain sniffing. He thought he had avoided Covid 19 but the General Medical Council re-registered him, potentially a disaster for the public.

His inspiration is Dartmoor. His first series of books were for young adults - The Tregarthur Series, published by Cillian Press. His current book is a marked departure into awfulness but finding a way to do more than just survive. Molly is his her in this book.

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