Troubador Miss Daisy's Diaries

Miss Daisy`s Diaries

Released: 01/07/2012

ISBN: 9781780882079

Format: Paperback

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Miss Daisy's Diaries


Her Ladyship greets Miss Daisy with excitement. She’s due to retire and wants to have some fun. “Let’s drive round the world”, she declares. ‘Not with me’, thinks Miss Daisy, and a love-hate relationship between two very different personalities begins.

Each year, Her Ladyship dreams up a so called ‘training trip’ for them. “It’s only a few hundred miles,” she would say. But every time, something would go wrong – a wheel falls off, Her Ladyship’s haemorrhoids are exacerbated by ‘those damned speed bumps’ and then there’s the Sat-Nav… Ah yes, the Sat Nav. The journeys get longer and longer and Madam’s demands become ever more bizarre, that is until a two-thousand mile trip round Spain exhausts them both.

Then, when the garage door closes, Miss Daisy recalls her early years and the people who have touched her life. Surely now that she’s living with her Ladyship, she’ll eventually settle down? It seems though, that it is not to be...

Miss Daisy’s Diaries is a charming work of humorous fiction ‘written’ by a 1934 Austin 7 motor car struggling to live with a new owner. It will be enjoyed by fans of comic tales, the baby boomer generation and vintage and classic car enthusiasts.

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A terrific reminder (particularly for baby boomers!) of times past. Plus the added interest of a feisty car with a sense of humour! A good gentle read. No sex or violence and you finish the book with a smile on your face.

by AH Taunton

A lovely meld of humour, nostalgia, and recent history. A very easy read, suitable for anyone who likes a chuckle. So you don’t have to be a petrol head to enjoy this book. I hope there is more to come.

by Richard M, Mumbles

A great read. Kept me entertained throughout the holiday. Hope there will be more soon (and not just on Kindle).

by Izzy Jones

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