Troubador Miss Daisy Conquers Britain

Released: 28/11/2014

ISBN: 9781784621179

Format: Paperback

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Miss Daisy Conquers Britain


Miss Daisy, the curmudgeonly 1934 Austin, returns with another tale of exasperation and embarrassment as she reluctantly yet resolutely carries Her Ladyship and her dog Oscar, better known as The Asthmatic Barking Dog, all the way to John O’Groats, before turning south again. Her Ladyship tries to convince her that once they’ve reached there, the difficult part will be over, but Miss Daisy is unconvinced. If the next ten days are anything like her previous experiences of such trips, then she may as well go and get herself a one-way ticket to the scrapyard. Each day gets worse than the one before and as her ebullient owner relishes every mile, stopping occasionally to give a lift to a succession of oddball hitchhikers, Miss Daisy wonders why on earth such a simple everyday 200-mile journey has to be fraught with such catastrophe. Miss Daisy Conquers Britain is an entertaining book that will never fail to raise a chuckle. It will appeal to fans of Pamela’s first book, the baby boomer generation and vintage and classic car enthusiasts. Pamela’s first book was featured in a wide range of national and local publications, including Austin Magazine, Wales on Sunday and The Western Mail.

Dandelion Arts Magazine

Pembrokeshire Life, January 2015

Tenby Observer


Western Telegraph

Austin Magazine

4 out of 5 stars

Her Ladyship, The Asthmatic Barking Dog, and Miss Daisy; a 1934 Austin Seven touring car; are off on another adventure. This time they are driving from John O'Groats in Scotland to Lands End in Cornwall with a trusty haggis easing their path. Madcap adventures follow them wherever they go.

What fun! I enjoyed the antics of Miss Daisy and Her Ladyship. Good lighthearted reading sure to make you laugh!

by Gena DeBardelaben

5 out of 5 stars

Loved this quaint little story. Told from the point of view of the car whose driver decides to take her all over the island nation in retirement. Extremely witty and fun as the grumpy car complains about all the different places and people they encounter. I would recommend to fans of the Ladies of Letters series that was performed by Patricia Routledge and Prunella Scales. In fact, I could see the two of them doing Her Ladyship and Miss Daisy, the car, quite well.

by Jay Ian

4/5 stars

What a laugh out loud, delightful book this is!

Miss Daisy is 80 years old and proud of it. Some of her bits and pieces are wearing down and give her trouble more frequently than they used to, but many of us know exactly how she feels.

Just when she expects to relax and write her memoirs, (Miss Daisy has led an interesting life with many different people) she meets Her Ladyship and life becomes a series of adventures.

And what adventures she has! Her Ladyship decides that she and Miss Daisy will leave their comfortable home in Pembrokeshire and join some of Miss Daisy’s relatives in completing the John O’Groats to Land’s End drive. Her Ladyship assures Miss Daisy that although getting to John O’Groats may pose some small difficulties, “It’s downhill from then on Old Girl, all the way to Land’s End.”

Miss Daisy is not convinced; this is not the first time her Ladyship has taken her on a simple trip, only to them finish up in dire circumstances – not that Her Ladyship notices; she always blame Miss Daisy for any misadventure. Of course, Her Ladyship wins the discussion, sends Miss Daisy for minor surgery and without any further “by your leaves”, packs herself and Oscar the Asthmatic Barking Dog and they are off to John O’Groats. Oh, perhaps I should tell you, Miss Daisy is an Austin Seven Tourer, born in 1934!

Now what could possibly go wrong? Well apart from being stolen and used in a robbery; having a hitchhiker almost die in the front seat; spending a night in a, probably, haunted B & B and having kippers wired to her underside, nothing much really. Her Ladyship? Well, I can’t tell you, but expect a little romance, a little lust and a brush with Royalty. Even Oscar, the Asthmatic Barking Dog is not immune from the odd adventure or two, including an encounter with an amorous royal corgi!

The story of the whole trip, adventures, misadventures and romances is told by Miss Daisy in her inimitable style, feisty, observant, quirky and entertaining. Warning! Do not read this book on public transport unless you are prepared to brave the stares of the people who wonder why you are laughing loudly.

What I can’t understand is how this is the first I’ve heard of Miss Daisy? She has a previous book, her own website, writes a diary and a blog! Why wasn’t I told? Having found Miss Daisy, I intend to keep in touch; she is definitely my kind of lady!

by Karen O'Brien-Hall

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